Tuesday, June 18, 2019

“Move, move, move, your f*cking vehicle!”: County worker accused of threatening man with gun outside Daley Center

James Fadziejewski is accused of threatening a man near the Daley Center garage ramp (right). | CPD; Google
A Cook County Building maintenance worker threatened another driver with a handgun outside the Daley Center, then took the gun to his work locker in violation of the state’s concealed carry law, according to prosecutors and police.

Police said a 39-year-old suburban man reported that he was in a car near the Daley Center’s underground parking garage entrance around 10 p.m. on June 12th when county worker James Fadziejewski pointed a gun at him and said, “move, move, move, move your f*cking vehicle! I work here!”

The man said he moved his car and watched as Fadziejewski, 45, drove onto the ramp and entered a code to gain access to the parking garage.

Police later entered the garage, found a vehicle matching the description provided by the victim, and eventually located Fadziejewski at work inside the nearby County Building.

Fadziejewski admitted to police that he had been in a verbal altercation with a man who was illegally parked in front of the garage entrance, officers said in a report, but he denied pointing a gun at the man.

When police asked if Fadziejewski had a weapon at work, he allegedly admitted that he did and then took police to his locker where officers recovered a loaded nine-millimeter handgun.

Prosecutors said Fadziejewski has a valid Firearm Owner’s ID card and a concealed carry license.

Fadziejewski, of the Garfield Ridge neighborhood, is charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and with having a firearm on local government property. Judge Susana Ortiz released him on a recognizance bond.

Records show that Fadziejewski earned over $94,000 from Cook County in 2017. Police said they notified the county’s inspector general of Fadziejewski’s arrest.
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