Thursday, April 25, 2019

20 teenagers beat and robbed me on the Red Line, man claims while refusing medical attention

The man says he was attacked by the teens on the Jackson Red Line platform. | Wikipedia
A 29-year-old this morning told police that he was beaten and robbed by a group of 20 teenagers on the Jackson Red Line platform around 2 a.m. The victim said one member of the mob had a gun and took his phone, wallet, cash, and credit cards.

Police said CTA workers on the Red and Blue Lines reported seeing no large groups of teens in the area all night.

Despite taking the wrong end of a 20-person beating, the victim refused medical attention and sustained only a “minor injury to his mouth,” according to police.

“They still whoop me,” the man told ABC7. “Look at my face. Look at my lip. Still whoop me.”

The man told police the offenders were young black male teenagers. The one who reportedly had the gun was described as light-skinned with a short afro haircut.

No one is in custody. Police said the man had been drinking.
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