Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Video: Package Thief Carries Dozens Of Boxes From Lakeview High-Rise

This little piggy stole all the packages from a Lakeview mail room, police say. Now, cops are asking for leads to put him in the pen.| Chicago Police Department
Surveillance cameras captured images of a package thief carrying armloads of boxes out of a Lakeview apartment building. Now, cops have released video of the theft in an effort to track the criminal down.

Within a couple of minutes, he will remove all of the boxes you see. (Along with the letter hanging from the mailbox at left.) | Chicago Police Department
In the recently-released video, the man seen here walks into a residential building on the afternoon of January 15th,  slipping in as a bike messenger walks out. He walks past an unattended doorman station and heads straight for the mail room.

The package piggy drops a box on the way out. Don't worry. He managed to stop and get it before leaving. | CPD
There, he loads up a giant sack with boxes. Next, he tugs on the mailboxes to see if they'll open. And, finally, he walks out again with two arms full of parcels. He’s carrying so many boxes, one falls to the ground as he tries to push the front door open. Oh, don’t worry. He took the time to pick the downed package back up, re-balance it, and carried it out.

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Police did not indicate why the video was released six months after the theft occurred.

Anyone who recognizes the thief is asked to call Chicago Police Detective Salvage at 312-744-8266 or to submit a tip anonymously at www.CPDTIP.com

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