Thursday, September 28, 2017

CTA "Powder" Not Hazardous, But Investigation Continues

A powdery substance found onboard a CTA train car at the Addison Red Line station this morning was not harmful, authorities have determined, but the police investigation of the incident continues tonight.

The affected car has been taken out of service—isolated at the Howard Street train yard—where the police department’s bomb and arson unit was processing the scene.

A police spokesman this afternoon told us that an unknown man in his 20’s was seen pouring a white powdery substance onto the floor of the train and he fled at the Addison station when other passengers started calling the police.

A source said the suspect has been described as a light-complected black man in his 20’s with freckles on his face. He was wearing a beige canvas hat, a red Bulls jersey, and knee-length shorts.

Police said the substance was “non-hazardous" and no injuries were reported. The suspect remains at large.

The powder was found in the fourth car of a southbound train around 8:30 this morning, forcing other trains to bypass the bustling station. Buses were used to shuttle stranded CTA commuters. Normal service resumed after 11 a.m.
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