Monday, May 15, 2017

Shoplifting Turns Ugly At Lakeview Mariano's

A routine shoplifting turned violent Monday afternoon at Mariano’s 10-month-old Lakeview East store, 3030 North Broadway.

Lakeview East Mariano's seen last autumn on Google Street View.
Around 3 o'clock, an employee confronted two young thieves as they tried to walk out of the store without paying.

The offenders refused to comply and turned violent, kicking and punching the worker before fleeing south on Broadway, a witness said.

Police scoured the area for the offenders, who now face felony robbery charges, but the cops came up empty-handed.

The first offender is described as a young black man, 6’1” tall, wearing a dark blue shirt, dirty blue jeans, and a skull cap. He wore a black backpack with silver striping on the back.

The second offender, also said to be a young black man, has short dreads and he wore a brown polo shirt with a white t-shirt underneath along with dirty blue jeans, boots, and a black backpack.

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