Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Neighbor Finds Cookbook Taken In Boystown Robbery — "I Found It While Walking My Dog!"

Well, here's a delicious dish.

Our Monday night report about a man who got held at gunpoint in Boystown while a group of robbers took all of his valuables—and his cookbook—sounded awfully familiar to a neighborhood woman.

“I’m pretty sure I found the man's cookbook!,” she told us via Facebook yesterday.”I found it laying on a tree stump as I walked my dog early Monday morning", she said.

“I just saw a really nice moleskin book sitting on the stump while waiting for my dog to pee. I opened it, and the pages were filled with recipes.”

She dropped the recipe book off at the 19th District police station after work Tuesday and cops are trying to reunite book and owner.

“At least the owner has all his hand-written recipes back. Hopefully, that means something to him,” the woman said. “Thanks for sharing the neighborhood news! I really appreciate knowing what's happening.”

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