Sunday, May 07, 2017

"Free Ride" Ends With Pistol-Whipping And Robbery

Kids know they should not accept rides from strangers. Some folks forget that lesson as they grow up. To their own detriment, sometimes.

...and adults.
Cops are looking into the armed robbery and pistol-whipping of a Lakeview man who accepted a ride from two guys he met in a bar on the Far North Side early Friday.

Two men gave the victim a ride from a in Rogers Park to Diversey and Seminary around midnight, police said.

When the car arrived at its destination, the two strangers jumped out of their car, hit the victim over the head with a handgun, and took his money, according to the police report.

The offenders were described only as two Hispanic men in a white Kia or Ford.

* In Lincoln Park, a man reported being robbed at gunpoint near Southport and Fullerton around midnight on Saturday.

The victim reported that three Hispanic men approached him, produced a handgun, then took his wallet and phone.

He was not able to offer any other details about the offenders, police said.
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