Sunday, April 23, 2017

Man Carries Illegal Air Gun Because "It's Wild On The Red Line"—Cops

Spotted in possession of an illegal pellet gun, a 49-year-old South Shore man told 19th District cops that he doesn’t cause any trouble with the gun, he just carries it “for protection because it’s wild on the CTA Red Line,” police said.

Officers met up with William Fields on April 9 after a caller reported a suspicious person using a parking garage electrical outlet to charge multiple cell phones in the 3100 block of North Sheffield.

As cops inquired about Fields’ collection of electrical devices, one officer allegedly saw the barrel of a gun sticking out of Fields’ backpack.

When Fields denied having a gun, officers handcuffed him and searched his bag, recovering a holstered air gun and five gas canisters, according to their report.

That’s when Fields had a change of heart: “I have a BB gun but cause no trouble, Officers,” Fields allegedly said. “I just have it for protection because it’s wild on the CTA Red Line.”

The last time Fields was arrested was in February 2015. That's when cops found him in possession of an air gun…at the 69th Street Red Line Station.
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