Monday, December 12, 2016

20 Years For Mugging Lakeview Senior On Easter Morning

One of 2016’s most blood-boiling crimes has wrapped up in court, ending with a lifelong criminal getting another 20 years in prison.

Larry Tolliver pleaded guilty to the Easter morning attack and robbery of a 75-year-old Lakeview woman as she shuffled off of an elevator in the lobby of Cedar Village, a complex that provides affordable housing for senior citizens in the 3600 block of N. Pine Grove.

Video of the attack showed Tolliver confronted the woman, then threw her onto the elevator floor and rummaged through the storage compartment of her walker before he fled.

Those surveillance images played a crucial role in Tolliver’s arrest.

Less than a week after the attack, a Boystown homeowner met with police because she believed that a man she recently hired to perform odd jobs resembled the robbery suspect. The tipster said the man identified himself as "Larry" when she hired him to do chores near Halsted and Grace days after the mugging.

Tolliver was arrested and charged.

Neighbors would soon learn that Tolliver had a long, violent criminal record and he was released on parole less than a month before he attacked the woman.

As CWB Chicago reported exclusively in April, Tolliver had been released early from prison fifteen times despite being sentenced to more than 91 years in prison for crimes ranging from burglary (eight times) to armed robbery (twice) to shoplifting.

Incredibly, he received nine years in prison for a 2006 break-in that took place on the same street as the Easter morning mugging. But he didn’t serve nine years in prison, of course. We're in Illinois. Instead, by the time those nine years were up, Tolliver would be convicted and returned to prison twice for other crimes.

According to court records, Tolliver—using a dozen aliases and various birthdates—has now been sentenced to a combined 111 years in prison since 1981.

The state has not yet announced Tolliver's next parole date.

Date of CaseName UsedChargeSentence
January 16, 1981UnknownTheft2 years
September 20, 1983UnknownBurglary5 years
February 8, 1984UnknownTheft2 years
February 29, 1984Larry BertrandTheft; receiving/possessing a stolen motor vehicle2 years
September 25, 1986Larry Tolliver BertrandBurglary8 years
January 20, 1991Carl BertrandAttempt Burglary4.5 years
December 31, 1992Larry CortezArmed Robbery8 years
July 21, 1996Antonio WalkerBurglary9 years
December 27, 2000Antonio TollmanArmed Robbery8 years
December 27, 2000UnknownBurglary7 years
December 27, 2000Antonio TollmanBurglary7 years
December 27, 2000Antonio TollmanBurglary7 years
June 10, 2004George J. WilliamsTheft25 days
August 14, 2004Greg HiltRetail theft3 years
April 20, 2006Lawrence LockwoodRetail theft18 months
September 4, 2006Larry C. TolliverBurglary9 years
May 27, 2011Marcus WellsBurglary6 years
August 7, 2014Paul JamesRetail theft2 years
April 5, 2016Darren BerlinRobbery Victim 60+20 years
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