Tuesday, November 01, 2016

DiGiorno's Pizza Robbery May Put Local Menace In Prison

Green...and a $5.29 pizza | DiGiorno, Chicago Police Dept
A long-time menace of merchants in nearby Lincoln Park is now facing felony robbery charges for threatening a CVS Pharmacy employee who tried to stop him from stealing two DiGiorno pizzas, police said.

Mitchell Green of Uptown entered the CVS at Lincoln and Fullerton around 11 p.m. on October 15 and tried to walk out with the two pizzas, valued at $10.58.

When the store clerk tried to stop Green, he turned around and tried to slap her while yelling, “You better get back from me,” prosecutors said.

Police responded, talked to the employees, then left.

Moments later, 33-year-old Green re-entered the store and announced, “I’m back! Now whatcha gonna do?” and proceeded to take a case of Goose Island beer out of the cooler and walk out the front door with it.

Police responded again, talked to the employees again, then left.

A few minutes later, Green walked back into the store and took a 4-pack of Matilda beer and another 6-pack of Goose Island along with four beach towels and eight umbrellas. He walked out the front door and into a nearby park.

Cops soon found Green and arrested him.

Police later learned that Green had been convicted of retail theft nine times in the past ten years. CPD records show he has been arrested eight times near Fullerton and Lincoln over the past two years. He's been arrested another eight times near Clark and Diversey and the Belmont Red Line station.

Green is a member of the Traveling Vice Lords street gang, according to police records.
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