Monday, October 17, 2016

Former Lincoln Park Hoops Star Killed In Uptown

“He wasn't no thug, no gangbanger, yet he met the fate of so many other folks in Chicago... And for what?”

So go the memories of friends, family, and fans of Gregory Dion Tucker Jr, a former Lincoln Park High School basketball star who was shot to death last night as he drove in Uptown.

Two city sources identified Tucker as last night's victim and family members are now confirming the death.

Tucker attended Whitney Young Magnet School before graduating from LPHS in 2010. From there, he played hoops at North Dakota State College of Science before returning to Chicago to study criminal justice.

He turned 25 last month.

“If you knew Greg, you knew he was a genuine guy, always could make you laugh, and just had a love for the game and family was everything,” friend John Kinsler said.

“He just had a baby girl and he was so proud and excited! He wasn't in a gang. He WASN'T in a gang. HE WASN'T IN A GANG!” one friend wrote on Facebook this morning.

"Greg's death is tragic and unsettling for so many reasons. Not only because he left behind a loving family and an infant daughter," Daniel Poneman said on Facebook this afternoon, "But because the way in which he died truly shows us that it could happen to anybody, at any time, in any part of Chicago. This isn't just a west side problem, this isn't just a south side problem, this isn't just a gang problem, this is a Chicago problem, an America problem, a human problem - that affects all of us."

Chicago police records show that Tucker was arrested on October 9 for a warrant related to a domestic battery case in suburban Cook County.

Images: Facebook
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