Saturday, September 17, 2016

Teen Who Mugged Rahm's Son Heads To Prison For Crack Distribution, Stolen Auto Possession

The Uptown teen who pleaded guilty to robbing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s son outside of the family's home at Christmastime 2014 has been shipped off to prison after pleading guilty to narcotics and motor vehicle theft charges this week.

Payne's IDOC intake photo
Phillip Payne, now 19, received juvenile probation for beating up Zach Emanuel and taking his phone steps from the mayoral family’s front door on December 19, 2014.

But, as CWB Chicago reported, Payne continued to have run-ins with the police.

The big hit came just one month after he pleaded guilty to robbing Emanuel.

On Easter Sunday 2015, cops following up on a complaint of “non-residents” in a CHA building entered an apartment and say they found Payne hunched over a coffee table with ”several small blue baggies and a clear plastic bag containing a white substance.” While other "non-residents" fled the scene, Payne allegedly threw a bag containing a white substance out of the apartment window.

Payne, center row at left, in a Facebook profile pic
He was slapped with a Class X felony charge of manufacture-delivery of 15 grams of cocaine on public housing property and manufacture-delivery of cocaine.

This week, Payne pleaded guilty to one cocaine distribution charge and a separate count of possessing a stolen motor vehicle. He received four years for the narcotics charge and three years for the auto possession.

Payne arrived at Stateville Correctional Center on Friday.

In April 2015, Payne’s brother, 27-year-old Boshaun Jackson, was shot dead in the 4800 block of N. Lake Shore Drive.

Police say Payne is a member of the Black P Stones street gang who runs with the Uptown “Hoolagang.”
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