Thursday, February 18, 2016

Man Charged With Robbing Lakeview Bank

A Chicago man has been charged with robbing the Byline Bank at 742 W. Diversey of $1,250 on January 26, according to a federal complaint that was unsealed on Wednesday.

Surveillance photo of the Diversey robber (FBI)
Raphael Morris, 33, approached the bank teller and asked for change for a $20 bill, according to the complaint. He then placed an envelope on the counter that had a note written on it: "$5,000. Give me all your $20s, $50s, $100s. Do not yell. I have a gun," the note allegedly said.

A citizen saw photos of the robbery suspect in the media and called the FBI two days later to report that they had known Morris for over a decade and they were "undoubtedly sure" that he was the robber.

The bank teller identified a Facebook photo of Morris during a photo line-up, according to the complaint.

Morris is suspected in three other Chicago bank robberies as well as a fourth in Munster, Indiana, the FBI says.
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