Thursday, December 31, 2015

TIME OUT: Juveniles Charged In North Side Robbery Spree

Charges have been filed against two juveniles in connection with a series of armed robberies across the North Side over the past week.

Cropped ABC7 screenshot of one teen being searched by police.
The 17-year-olds—one from Woodlawn and the other from Grand Boulevard—are each charged with eight counts of aggravated armed robbery and one count of aggravated possession of a stolen vehicle. All of the charges are felonies.

Police continue to investigate the crime spree, which is believed to involve more than 30 robberies, attempted robberies, and carjackings since early last week. At least two additional offenders were involved in the crime spree, according to witnesses and victims.

The boys’ names and photos have not been released because they are currently charged as juveniles. Illinois law specifically allows for juveniles accused of armed robbery with a firearm or carjacking with a firearm to be tried as adults.

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