Thursday, June 04, 2015

RETURN TICKET: On Parole For 6 Weeks, Man's Charged In Lincoln Park Boutique Robberies

(Ill. Dept of Corrections)
A career criminal who was paroled for armed robbery on April 15 is in custody, accused to being the man who has robbed several boutique stores at knifepoint in Lincoln Park and Bucktown over the past month.

Willie A. Doles, 39, is charged with five counts of armed robbery and one count of aggravated battery with a knife in connection with the crimes.

The Bucktown robbery came on May 6, just three weeks after Doles walked out of the Vienna Correctional Center where he served six-and-a-half years of a 13-year robbery sentence received in 2008.

Doles is accused of robbing the Londo Mondo store in Lincoln Park one week later and the nearby Blues Jean Bar on Monday.

Doles has a lengthy felony record, having been sentenced to a combined 33 years over the past 21 years:
• 1994: 1 year sentence for narcotics
• 1996: 6 years for manufacturing/delivering cocaine
• 2001: 3 years for aggravated battery to police/fire personnel
• 2004: 5 years for aggravated robbery
• 2006: 5 years for narcotics
• 2008: 13 years for armed robbery
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