Sunday, March 29, 2015

IDIOTS WITH GUN: Thugs Yield $15 Each In Lake View Robbery

A Lincoln Park man was robbed at gunpoint by four assailants Sunday evening, just blocks from his own front door.

Around 8:35PM, the man was walking near Seminary and Wolfram—close to the Diversey Brown Line station—when four Hispanic men wearing jeans and black hoodies approached, produced a handgun, and demanded his valuables.

The four fled northbound on Seminary with the victim’s wallet and $10 cash. His stolen, cracked iPhone sent its final ping about 20 minutes later, crossing the Chicago River on Belmont. None of his stolen credit or debit cards had been used by 9:15PM.

So, the thugs got $10 cash and they may get $50 for the busted phone. That breaks down to a profit of $15 each. Minus gas money.
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