Sunday, March 29, 2015

FIRST ROBBING OF SPRING: "Helpful Woman" Robberies Return For Another Year

Mmm. Spring is definitely in the air!

We got a good whiff of it early Sunday as our understaffed cops responded to calls of five separate, large street fights in Boystown within 45 minutes.

But the real signs of the new season began to sprout early Saturday as one of Lake View thuggery's favorite robbery schemes returned for the new year. It's the "friendly 'woman' helps a drunk man" ruse.

At 3:51AM Saturday, 911 callers reported two people screaming for help near School and Kenmore. A man is yelling that his wallet’s being stolen. A “person” is heard yelling “rape.”

For the unfamiliar, the “rape” scream here was uttered by the so-called “female” who hoped that onlookers seeing a tussle would think that “she” was the victim when, in fact, "she" was robbing the man. Cute, isn’t it? The offender, described as a black woman wearing black leather clothing and black & white pants, is last seen running into a nearby alley.

Then, less than 20 minutes later, an inebriated man who had accepted a ride from a passing motorist—described as a black female—jumped out of the car at Newport and Clark. The “female” got out after him, wrestled away his wallet, and drove off. Cops gave the victim a ride to his nearby apartment.

It is not clear if either man filed a report.
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