Thursday, April 24, 2014

DEJA VU: Boystown Rape, Robbery Suspect's Free Pass

The so-called "man" who has been charged with raping and robbing a woman at knifepoint in a Boystown alley last week was accused of sexually assaulting another woman in December, but prosecutors refused to file charges. We told you about that last week.

This morning, Second City Cop has a few more details of the December incident which sound....familiar.
...[Marcus Lynch] was arrested on 13 December 2013 on another CSA where he detained and raped a female at knife-point, forced the victim to give him her phone number, called the victim while she was being interviewed by the police for another "date" and was apprehended where he told her to meet him.
Slam-dunk Criminal Sexual Assault, right? Not according to the State's Attorney who refused to approve felony charges that probably would have kept this animal behind bars and prevented the most recent rape. The case was initially listed as "continuing investigation," but was shortly followed up by a refusal of charges.
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