Saturday, April 19, 2014

BUS-TED: 1 Tazed By Attacker In "Huge" Fight On Belmont Bus; At Least 5 Arrests

Five people, including one man who dressed as a woman, are in custody following a huge fight onboard a Belmont CTA bus this afternoon. At least one victim was tazed by an offender during the incident.

Around 2:20PM, witnesses reported that the bus had pulled over at Southport and that up to 12 people were engaged in physical altercations.

According to a CWB reader who was on-board the bus:
A few blocks west of Southport…a group of 10 males, females and transsexuals - all ten were African American - boarded the bus. Things were fine for a few blocks…But then things suddenly changed. 
People were yelling and shouting [in the back of the bus] after an older African American man accidentally brushed one of the kids with his jacket and the war started. 
One of the transexuals held up a tazer and I heard the crackling and knew something was going to happen.
Just east of the new Northwestern medical clinic the police detained about 7 of the kids against the fence of one of those townhouses. But this means that some got away - potentially the one that used the tazer.
[The man who was tazed] was a bit shook up but he and another friend of his were walking and appeared in normal health.
An ambulance was called to treat the tazing victim.

The incident has been upgraded to an aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon. Case number is HX229652.
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UPDATED 3:24PM: Added witness account.