Saturday, December 21, 2013


2:06AM: Officers cross paths with a big fight in progress outside of El Jardin on Clark Street.

2:11AM: The Clark Street entertainment detail sergeant asks for a unit to go to the Irish Oak bar in Wrigleyville. A victim wants to file a report for the phone that was stolen from her purse.

2:12AM: The Clark Street entertainment detail sergeant calls for more cars at the Irish Oak bar. Three battery offenders are running away from the scene.  Described as black males in all dark clothing, the three were quickly rounded up at Sheffield and Addison. It is not clear if the battery is related to the phone theft. Battery case #HW578937

4:08AM: Multiple calls of several men and women engaged in a fight at Belmont and Sheffield. An additional caller reports that 10 "maniacs" jumped on her friend.

4:15AM: An outside police unit calls for 19th district officers to handled a "disturbance" that they encountered at Belmont and Kenmore.

Also overnight
Domino's pizza at Clark and Barry called police after a man who beat up an employee and others in the neighborhood Thursday night returned to the restaurant at 2:04 this morning. The offender was taken into custody.