Thursday, November 28, 2013

HOLIDAZE: Drunken Fights Don't Take The Night Off In Wrigleyville

The Lincoln Avenue bar strip in Lincoln Park, put on an admirable sh*t show performance overnight, but it couldn't quite keep up with its big brother, Wrigleyville. Maybe next time, LP. Wrigleyville antics from Thanksgiving morning:

12:22AM—Assault in progress at Rebel Bar & Grill.

12:38AM—Battery witnessed by police officers outside Sluggers at Clark & Eddy. One arrest.

1:07AM—Clark Street police detail asks for all available cars to come to Clark Street in Wrigleyville. "Getting ugly fights breaking out."

1:13AM—Another fight at Sluggers.

1:14AM—Yet another fight outside of Sluggers. This one is moving westbound on Eddy Street.

1:39AM—Officers witness a hit and run incident at Clark and Eddy. A northbound light blue 4-door sedan strikes a pedestrian and loses its left mirror. Victim declines medical attention.

1:50AM—Glass is cracked at Strange Cargo, 3448 N. Clark.