Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GUNPOINT ROBBERY IN WRIGLEYVILLE: Offender Description Similar To Weekend Hold-Up; Nearby Lincoln Park Smacked By Robbers


For the second time in four days, a robbery at gunpoint by a black male offender wearing a blue cap has been reported at Clark and Sheffield.

We told you Saturday about a robbery at gunpoint there by a thug who wore a bright blue DePaul winter cap. No report was filed at the time for reasons you can read about HERE.

Last night's victim called 911 at 10:45 to report being robbed at gunpoint on the southeast corner of Clark and Sheffield.

He said the assailant, armed with a blue or black handgun, was male, black, 5'9" tall, heavyset, wearing a puffy navy blue camouflage jacket that had yellow patches on the sleeves and a "blue type ski mask."

The offender reportedly fled south in the alley toward Roscoe Street with the victim's earbuds and $60 cash.

No report was immediately taken, however, the victim was said to be "waiting by his phone [which wasn't taken] in case" any officers need him.

CWB is unable to find a police report record of this incident as of December 20, 2013.