Thursday, August 15, 2019

Un-bee-lievable: Thieves steal Lakeview honeybee colony

Pix of the colony BEE-fore and after the theft. Thankfully, everything is back to normal today. | Southport Corridor Bees 
There's a big orange sign on the little picket fence: "BEES." But that wasn't enough of a warning for someone.

Instead, one of Chicago’s many wandering thieves got a real buzz when they pilfered a couple of boxes from a Lakeview lawn this week. After getting a safe distance away, the sticky-fingered pilferers got a real surprise: The boxes they just stole were filled with honeybees.

Since debuting in April, the community beehive at Bosworth and Cornelia Avenues has been a sweet pleasure for residents and passers-by. But the colony’s operators woke up Wednesday to find their buzzy buddies gone. They went straight to their passionate followers on Instagram:
We’ve been stolen. Did you hear or see anything last night? Please let us know and spread the word. Not only is this devastating for CC, it’s also a horrible crime!!! #stolen #missingbees
By early afternoon, the bees were back. One thing led to another on social media and the hives were soon found in a Roscoe Village alley after a resident accidentally backed into them with his car.

A volunteer quickly re-assembled the bee boxes, and everything was back to normal by mid-afternoon. The bees' human sponsors filed a police report.
Hopefully the police will follow up! Now, to get a lock and chain for real.
Who knows. Maybe there will be a sting operation. In the meantime, one apian aficionado is trying to kick security up a notch by asking the Ring camera network to get involved:
These little guys (and gals) are essential for the environment and having them in the city is educational for the community. 🐝
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