Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Lakeview burglar gives surveillance camera the "thumbs up"

"Thumbs up," says this burglar as he makes his way into another Lakeview home. | Provided
A wisecracking Lakeview burglar took time to give the “thumbs up” to a surveillance camera as he made his way toward his next break-in this weekend. But the camera may get the last laugh as it captured crystal-clear images of the thief’s face and caught a glimpse of his distinctive baby blue hi-tops.

Video of the prowler was sent to CWB by the victim who said she was out of town when the burglar struck her condo this weekend near Sheffield and Barry.

The man kicked in the back door of the woman’s home at 6:08 Sunday morning and left nine minutes later, the victim said.

“Every drawer, dresser, and closet was ransacked and valuables were stolen, including all my jewelry,” she told us. “Please help me find this subject or at least help others that might run into him so they know they should protect themselves.”

Watch the video here:
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