Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Boystown: One Charged In WIld Walgreens Brawl

David Spearman, also known as Xaria Fluellen, was charged with criminal damage to property. | CPD; Google
By all accounts, the fight was wild early Monday morning at a Boystown Walgreens. A 52-year-old man was locking his bike outside the store at 3201 North Broadway when three people he didn’t know surrounded him and began making threats, a police spokesman said.

The offenders started striking the victim with “objects”—reported to be a bike lock and an industrial ashtray that is posted outside the store. When the strangers followed the victim into Walgreens, he threw merchandise at them, according to a witness. One offender began throwing merchandise back.
Red wine awaits mop-up after the fight. | Victoria Mitchell

Three people were taken into custody after the incident around 2:30 a.m., police said. David Spearman, a 22-year-old transgender woman who is also known as Xaria Fluellen, is charged with one count of criminal damage to property. She is free on a recognizance bond.

According to Spearman's arrest report, the victim declined to pursue felony robbery charges against her and the other participants.

Bottles of liquor were used in the fight inside Walgreens, according to Victoria Mitchell, a Lakeview resident who spoke with store employees shortly after the incident. A bottle of red wine was hurled at one point, splattering the store's magazine rack.

Spearman’s name may sound familiar. On May 7, she and a 67-year-old Lakeview man were arrested after they threatened each other with knives during a stand-off in the middle of Belmont Avenue, according to a police report. Passers-by and motorists called 911 around 9:20 that night and reported the two were facing off in the middle of traffic at 826 West Belmont while brandishing knives.

Arriving officers reported seeing Spearman and 67-year-old Patrick Thomas “in a fighting stance” while “surrounded” by traffic, according to court records.

Spearman and Thomas were each charged with reckless conduct and unlawful use of a weapon. Police said Thomas was holding a folding pocket knife while Spearman was brandishing a steak knife and a vegetable peeler.

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