Thursday, May 03, 2018

Charged With 9 Lakeview Burglaries, Man Escapes Electronic Monitoring And Burglarizes Again, Cops Say

Mark Walker (inset) escaped from electronic monitoring and burglarized some more, prosecutors say. | CPD
A man charged nine Lakeview burglaries in January who was released on electronic monitoring and then went AWOL is back in custody—now accused of burglarizing a West Loop self-defense studio that’s owned by a Chicago cop.

Mark Walker, 48, was charged with sixteen criminal counts including burglary and bank fraud for allegedly breaking into at least eight cars and condos in Lakeview on December 21. Cops caught up with him on January 10, but Judge Stephanie Miller—a champion of the “affordable bail” program—released him on a recognizance bond with electronic monitoring. He skipped court on March 27 and hadn’t been seen since.

Then, around 10 p.m. on April 18, an off-duty Chicago cop called officers to his Krav Maga school in the 1000 block of West Madison. He reportedly showed arriving officers live-feed surveillance video of Walker walking around inside. Officers entered and found Walker hiding in the women’s room, police said.

In Walker’s backpack, cops say they found a Marathon brand watch; a mini-projector; two tablets; car keys; firearms training magazines; a non-functional training pistol; blank business checks; a laptop; and two screwdrivers.

Walker was charged with felony burglary, felony possession of burglary tools, and escape. Judge David Navarro ordered him held without bail.

AWOL Update

Two more men who went AWOL while awaiting trial in cases we covered are now back in custody:

• Edward Smith, charged with pushing a man into a Boystown alley and robbing him in May 2017 is back in custody. Despite being accused of a violent crime, a judge released Smith on a recognizance bond and electronic monitoring. Smith, who is transgender, went AWOL on October 16. Sheriffs scooped her up two weeks ago. She’s being held without bail.

• Hamid Popal, accused of being one of several men who attacked two people in a racial slur-filled attack after last month’s St. Patrick’s parade downtown, failed to appear in court in mid-April. On April 19, he was arrested at his home and hauled back into court. There, Judge Martin Moltz set bail at $10,000. Popal quickly posted a $1,000 bond and has returned home. He’s due back in court on June 1.

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