Monday, March 12, 2018

Roscoe Village: Spa Worker Charged With Prostitution

Wang (inset) was arrested by undercover officers at Lily Spa, 2050 West Belmont, police said. | Google; CPD
A Roscoe Village massage parlor worker offered sexual favors in exchange for $30 according to an undercover cop who visited the salon in a covert role following complaints from neighbors.

The officer paid $45 in marked bills upfront for a 30-minute full-body massage at Lily Spa, 2050 West Belmont, on February 27.

After massaging the officer’s back, Wang allegedly asked the officer if he “wanted his genitals massaged” for an additional $30 while “giving the universal hand gesture for masturbation,” according to a police report.

Wang, 34, was arrested and charged with prostitution and practicing massage without a license. She was released on a recognizance bond. She lives above a massage parlor in the McKinley Park neighborhood.

Police said they investigated the salon after the city’s Department of Business Affairs received complaints about suspected prostitution activity.

Yelp! reviews of Lily Spa show that customers sensed something was not quite right with the operation:
“The massage lady seemed pissed I was a woman . Made me pay up front?? I think this a sex place…She kept trying to rub my butt and got on top on me…I heard moaning in the next room and I think she rubbed me down with Baby oil….This place needs to be shut down . I’m calling the state board on them.”
“This place is hard to rate.  The massage itself was fine, but the place had kind of a strange vibe due to the middle-aged woman clad in lacy short shorts who administered the massage.  It wasn't lingerie per se, but damn close.”
“… When she returned, she covered my body with a towel (for a foot massage??) and completely turned off the lights...”
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