Thursday, March 29, 2018

50 Degrees And This Lakeview Package Thief Is Ready For A Blizzard

Images: CWBChicago reader
A Lakeview resident’s home camera caught some pretty good video of a local package thief in action on Wednesday afternoon. This particular theft took place near Sheffield and Wellington.

One of the better takeaways from the video is what “suspicious behavior” can look like. It was about 50-degrees outside when these images were taken. Your humble CWB reporter was comfortable walking around in a heavy dress shirt. Most people were in light jackets.

Yet, our thief seemed ready for a blizzard with her winter parka and Alaska-ready hood pulled up to obscure her identity. (Side note: leggings with white socks and fur-rimmed moccasins? Honey, please!)

At any rate, make a mental note of this sticky-fingered thief and keep your eyes peeled for things that look out of place.
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