Wednesday, February 28, 2018

School Nurse Threatened Teachers At Lincoln Square Elementary, Prosecutors Say

School nurse contractor Nicolette Findlatter was arrested at the school last Thursday, police said. | Google; CPD
A 28-year-old school nurse contractor has been charged with threatening two faculty members in a classroom at McPherson Elementary School, 4728 North Wolcott, in Lincoln Square last week. No students or faculty members were injured during the incident.

School staff members told police that Nicolette Findlatter entered a classroom around noon last Thursday. While being held back by a security guard, Findlatter yelled, “I’m gonna beat your ass” to a 38-year-old teacher and “I’m gonna beat your ass, you fat ass b*tch” to a 38-year-old teacher aide, according to prosecutors. Students were present in the classroom, police said.

“Safety protocols were followed,” Chicago Public Schools said in a statement, “and the altercation quickly deescalated.”  Findlatter, who lives in Evanston, has been banned from working with CPS, the district said.

She's charged with two counts of aggravated assault of a school teacher or employee. She is free on a recognizance bond until her next court date on March 14.

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