Friday, November 10, 2017

WANTED: Big & Little Robbery Suspects

These men are wanted for the armed robbery of Big & Little's restaurant in Lakeview, police said. | CPD
New information this morning after yesterday's armed robbery of Big & Little's restaurant on Belmont. Police have issued a community alert and CWBChicago has learned more about the getaway car’s license plate number.

Here’s what’s new this morning.

Late last night, Chicago police connected yesterday morning’s armed robbery of Big & Little’s with the October 29 armed robbery of a woman in the 900 block of West Grace.

At 10:50 a.m. yesterday, two men armed with handguns entered Big & Little’s at 1034 W  Belmont and demanded the store’s proceeds, police said.

Now, police have issued these surveillance images of the offenders, who fled in the four-door silver cross-over vehicle seen above.

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CWBChicago through a source has learned that the license plate number is—or is similar to—AP54624. The car has Uber "TNP" and Lyft stickers in the rear window.

In last month’s robbery, a woman told police that two offenders approached her in the 900 block of West Grace at 7:20 p.m. and poked a chrome handgun into her stomach. They took the woman’s purse and ran eastbound on Grace toward Broadway.

Police last night said the two offenders are two men between 25- and 30-years old. The official descriptions generally followed as we published them yesterday:
1) Male, black, over 6-feet tall, ski mask, black or dark blue jacket, dark blue jeans
2) Male, black, 5’10” tall, orange or red hoodie, gray sweatpants, white gym shoes. He may have braided hair.
Anyone with information about the suspects should call Area North investigators at (312) 744-8263.
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  1. Pretty much all of the US (and the western world in general) is a pit of human decay thanks to left wing politics gone viral, but Chicago still takes the prize from my firsthand experiences, with French cities a close second (you have to experience it to believe it). Keep it trashy, Chitown. (Any wonder Chicago and Paris top the list of the cities with the largest number of middle class exodus?)

  2. Hollywood (or SouthPark) should make a movie about these criminals terrorizing Lakeview, and show Rahm and Tunney totally ignoring the tax paying citizens.

  3. That car looks more like a Honda Fit or Nissan Versa than a crossover.

    1. No, it's definitely a newer Nissan Versa Hatchback.

  4. It's all starting to come together now! I was wondering why my Lyft driver wanted Big & Little's at 10:30am yesterday.

  5. He looks like a young Prince... no, seriously...

  6. We should have more robberies of people and businesses as we get closer to the Christmas season.
    Hi, Ho, ho.

  7. any comment from lyft or uber.....???? was it a stolen car or guys who worked for them?

  8. I grew up in an OK neighborhood, as a kid. Didn't like school but when I walked a few blocks to get to class, age, 7, I felt safe. If you live in this neighborhood and allow this to be an item in a blog, without hundreds of your fellow neighbors making it known that this can never happen again, you have only yourselves to blame! Beyond scary, CHILDREN and you allow this!

  9. Hey everybody! The infamous, Center on Halsted proud spokesperson Mr. Robert Vacha is now released from prison and on parole IDOC #Y15940 this month. He's already partying, dancing, and celebrating his new freedom on his Facebook. Of course under his Facebook alias (AKA) of Jacob Lapinskas. Just in time, so he can rob senior citizens again for Christmas money. Make sure to send him a welcome home message and let him know Boystown is back open for business & COH and the Howard Brown Center has their arms ready to embrace him

  10. This what people worried about happening to communities over 50 years ago! Gheez visionist ignored.