Thursday, November 09, 2017

Two Gunmen Rob Big & Little's Thursday Morning; Preschoolers Witness Get-Away

Detectives are investigating the Thursday morning armed robbery of Big & Little’s restaurant, 1034 West Belmont.

Two men, both armed with handguns, entered the eatery just before 11 a.m. and demanded the store’s proceeds, police said.

Minutes later, the duo ran out the door, sprinted past a gaggle of daycare kids and sped away in a silver four-door car that was last seen heading southbound on Kenmore.

A group of children from the nearby L & L Academy and Preschool crossed paths with the escaping suspects.

In a letter to parents, the school said a group of children “was walking back from Martin Park to L&L when two men ran out of Big and Little's and sped off in a silver car….The men ran past the [children] diagonally (away from them) in the ally [sic] behind Crystal Cleaners,” at 1024 West Belmont.

No children were injured.

In August 2016, L & L took the proactive step of having lockdown drills and teaching children “a get low song” to help them remember what to do if there’s “ever an extreme situation with gun violence.” The safety measures followed three shootings near the school within a week.

Police issued the following descriptions of today's suspects:
1) Male, black, over 6-feet tall, ski mask, black or dark blue jacket, dark blue jeans
2) Male, black, 5’10” tall, orange or red hoodie, gray sweatpants, white gym shoes. He may have braided hair.
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  1. Every storefront establishment and retailer is scared. It's no fun going to work when a person constantly has to be wondering if the next person walking is the door is a danger.

  2. seems perps always drive off in silver vehicles

  3. Before 11 a.m.? SMH.

  4. 11 o'clock in the morning. ELEVEN AM. Please go die Rahm, Foxx, and Tunney. Worthless, useless, incompentent leeches.

  5. Seems like things are really getting out of hand now. What will it take to let the Police do their job and come down hard on these pieces of shit roaming our neighborhoods ?

  6. That place has good food. Too bad this happened

  7. Wow, it wasn’t but 15 years ago my friends and I used to get all kinds of drunk and walk around at all hours of the morning without any fear. Your biggest threat was a drunk Chad who could talk trash until he couldn’t. Other than that, there literally was no crime. Zero! Obviously, things changed when the new Mayor blew in from
    Winnetka, vis-a-vis DC. It’s truly sad what he has allowed to happen in all of these communities by selfishly deciding to sit on a tape so he could be re-elected. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have a care in the world as he’s surrounded by his Palace Guard.

    Remember that in 2019. RE needs to be evicted.

  8. They need to catch these crews before some little kid gets shot.

  9. Its sad what drugs have done the black community. Robbing stores infront of sad. It doesnt matter what color or race you are. Drugs (mainly heroin) are what is truly ruining chicago

  10. when are \:') going to make a difference? Not a speech, not a prayer, not an I gave for the day. The time is coming. Time to vote the difference. For your safety and mine, there are clearly some unrealistic idealist who have to go.