Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Man Had Defaced Handgun On Recreation Drive, Cops Say

Nunez (inset) is accused of running from cops and having a defaced handgun in his possession.
The Town Hall Police District's efforts to reduce nighttime violence along Recreation Drive paid dividends early last Tuesday.

Officers patrolling the street and parking area near Rec Drive’s tennis courts and baseball fields at 2:30 a.m. came across a parked car occupied by two men.

The cops said they approached the car and smelled a strong odor of burning cannabis emanating from the vehicle. When they asked the occupants to step out, 19-year-old Alberto Nunez took off running while holding his side, police said. Running while holding one’s side is frequently a sign that the person has an unholstered gun in their waistband.

Nunez ran across the traffic lanes of Lake Shore Drive and was taken into custody in the 500 block of West Addison.

Arresting officers found a loaded 9-millimeter Ruger with a defaced serial number in Nunez’ possession, prosecutors said. Nunez allegedly told police that he kept the gun for protection.

He's charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon—vehicle; felony possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number; misdemeanor possession of ammunition without a firearm owner ID card; misdemeanor reckless conduct; and being on Chicago Park District property after hours.

Judge Stephanie Miller set bail at $10,000. Court records show that Nunez has no previous arrests in Cook County.

Recreation Drive provides access to the lakefront and park areas between Addison and Irving Park Road. It has long been a popular after-hours hangout for gang members and partiers. Two people were shot along Rec Drive in separate incidents last year.

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  1. Still a pretty low bond for having an illegal firearm with a defaced seriel number. Until we start having stricter consequences for any illegal gun related crimes every criminal will continue to carry pistols and use them when necessary putting innocent bystander lives in danger.

  2. Cappleman, you coward.
    How about a comment here?
    How about signing that 'Custom Notification ' to all your constituents in the comments section of the next article here on CWB?

  3. Wow, with these serious charges if (big if) convicted he should be looking at least 20days of hard time. Or put another way 2 pizza parties in the friendly confines of Dart fundome.

  4. Once again a thug caught with an illegal gun. Rahm says that we have one of the strictest gun laws. That’s true for the law abiding folks. He blames Indiana for our woes. He claims the bad guys go to Indiana to buy gas, cigarettes, fireworks, bottled water, soda, stock up on paper and plastic bags and buy guns from those evil gun shops. Really Rahm? Do you have a mirror in your house?

    1. It's been proven that 20% of the illegal guns in Chicago come from Indiana. Why do you deny that?

  5. It would be nice if the criminals could be put to work - such as working on the current Lake Shore Drive project, pot hole repair, city bus and train cleaing, graffiti removal etc. After a 10 hour day, Nunez might be too tired to cause trouble.

  6. Why even arrest him? We all know how this is going to end...