Friday, November 03, 2017

Hammer-Wielding Thieves Smash Displays, Steal Luxury Watches In Water Tower Mall (Again)

For the second time in a month, thieves armed with hammers have walked into a Water Tower watch shop, broken display cases, and made off with luxury timepieces, police said today.

A group of offenders walked into Tourneau on the mall’s third floor, smashed the glass display case with mallets, and ran away with valuable watches at 11:40 a.m. on Friday.

Images of a suspect wanted in today's theft from a Water Tower watch shop. | Chicago Police Department
The same crew struck the same store at 11 a.m. on October 13, according to a police alert.

Today’s alert does not mention where the crimes have taken place, but a source confirmed the location for CWBChicago.

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Tourneau’s entry on the Water Tower website says it is “the world’s largest watch store featuring over 100 luxury brands” including “Omega, Panerai, Roger Du Buis, Zenith and TAG Heuer.”

Police said the thieves are a group of black men between 17- and 25-years-old. They stand 5’10” to 6-feet tall and have thin builds. Today, all of the offenders wore hooded sweatshirts with the ”Nike" logo. In October, they wore jackets with multiple patches.

This image shows the crew that struck Tourneau in October. | Chicago Police Department
Last month, the team reportedly fled in a gold Jeep Cherokee.

As to how other retailers could prevent falling victim to the crew, the alert recommends that stores “update security video equipment” and “call 911.”

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call Area Central investigators as (312) 747-8384.
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  1. smile for the camera.

  2. Rahm does nothing. We are headed to where Detroit is.

  3. Update your cameras and get a guard with a gun.

  4. They got from the third floor out the door to the street in the middle of a weekday? Is the security at The Water Tower nothing more than window dressing?

  5. Just some more kids engaging in innocent hi-jinks, Chicago style. At least no one was shot. Go about your lives, Democrat voters. No story here....

  6. And this is the 60611 zip code where nothing is supposed to happen. Where are the cops, is the real question

  7. That guy behind him looks like Kenny from SouthPark.

  8. Ok, wearing a hoodie inside a mall should be the first thing anyone should notice.

  9. So... thieves can make it all the way to the third floor of Watertower, smash glass, grab watches, get back down three floors, twice in a month, without getting caught? Am I missing something? Astonishing. Update security video? How about strengthened laminated glass instead?

  10. This is getting really brazen. In the middle of a tourist attraction.

  11. Rahm's on top of this. Right?

  12. No gloves I'll bet they left prints. Ban goodies and crime goes down 50%.

    1. Too bad there are only a handful of evidence technicians so thatwont help in Chicago

  13. I don't understand how a store like this doesn't hire an outside security firm, or has a locked front door that requires buzzing in (or buzzing to get out). I've been in that store, and the inventory is between $2,000 - $50,000 each.

  14. So Water Tower does not have security, there are cops all over that area, and these young outstanding citizens can just smash and grab during the day? If I walk into that store dressed properly I get followed around like a thief.

  15. Again, does that mean only 8 more times before eligible for prosecution. Kim are you paying attention?

  16. If there's a reward they will be caught quicker.

  17. It befuddles my mind how they can hit the same store twice. These stores need to have a security guard on every single floor walking and checking each store. Until lthey do that - this stuff will happen again and again. Of course, that's an extra cost to WTP and they pass it along to the store.
    Another thing -- why aren't these pictures posted in the WTP as "wanted" posters; and another thing -- why don't these luxury stores have metal detectors for when clients walk into the store *befuddles the mind* ?
    If this is considered petty crimes and no harm to shoppers, I guess it's business as usual; right?
    You know, Target has a security guard at every entrance who watches every movement in the store and I don't see why WTP doesn't have the same.
    It's a luxury store so the only penalty is their insurance will rise.

  18. I left Chicago in March for good but my friend who still lives there and who used to say I exaggerated Chicago's crime is now telling me he's afraid to go into the city even during the day. I think once the crime really starts to affect Chicago's economy Miss Foxx will be forced to dance to another beat. I'm so glad I left.