Thursday, November 09, 2017

Armed Woman Takes "Substantial" Haul In Lakeview Bank Robbery

An armed woman took a “substantial” amount of cash from a bank vault during a take-over robbery in Lakeview this morning. No one was injured.

A bank surveillance image of this morning's offender. | FBI
Around 9:40 a.m., the woman displayed a black handgun to tellers at Chase Bank, 3956 North Sheridan. The woman entered the bank vault and stuffed an undetermined amount of cash into a satchel. A source called the amount taken “substantial.”

Sources said the robbery unfolded quickly, with tellers not having enough time to trip hold-up alarms before they were ushered into a back room.

A low-quality surveillance image of the suspect was released this afternoon.

Witnesses describe the robber as a young woman who was trying to appear older. She’s black, about 5’5” tall, thin, in her 20’s and she wore distinctive black lipstick, according to police.  Her disguise included an auburn wig with a pink bandana under a black cap; a long tan winter coat; black gloves, blue jeans, a pink nightgown and white shoes.

About four hours after the robbery, an FBI-Chicago Police task force arrested a woman at a Chase Bank near Boystown. Officials tonight would not confirm that the arrest was related to this morning’s hold-up.

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  1. Quite a camera they have at Chase Bank!

  2. Cheap ass chase can't even get a decent video surveillance system. They deserve to get robbed. Shitty ass bank anyways!!

  3. Why is it that all the banks in the area -- including all the Byline banks that got robbed earlier this year -- can't afford $1,000 to upgrade their video surveilance systems? Unbelievable.

  4. Potato cam image capture.

  5. I'm not quite sure - is Elvis' ghost, a UFO or the seal that escaped from from the zoo?
    Chase must be locked in to the high quality Vanecko-brand security systems. Chicago's finest!

  6. Too bad they didn't invest a "substantial" amount of money on a decent camera.

  7. Wow someone tell her Halloween was over.

  8. Well at least she displayed a hand gun and not merely a note or can of Spaghettio's in a bag disguised as a bomb. This was a legit robbery. The real dilemma is to figure out if it was actually a woman or lakefront resident dressed as one.

  9. Actually it seems like it was well planned and executed she went to the vault right away and there is no real description.