Monday, October 09, 2017

Woman Robbed In Lincoln Square Nail Salon As Hood's Crime Spike Grows

Police said a woman was robbed while receiving a manicure inside this Lincoln Square nail salon. | Google

A nail salon client was slightly injured during a robbery attempt in Lincoln Square Monday evening, police said. No one is in custody.

Officers responded to the 4600 block of N. Western at approximately 6:30 p.m. where it was reported that a man struck a woman and took her purse before running away, a police spokesman said.

Map of reported robberies on beat 1911 since August 1 | BatchGeo
The woman was able to get her property back, but the man cut her with some type of object in the struggle, according to police.

The offender is described as a 5’9”-tall black man who weighs 130-150 pounds and was wearing a black hoodie with tan pants. The pants had paint stains around the bottom.

Police beat #1911, which runs from Lawrence to Irving and from the Chicago River to Damen is seeing a near-doubling in robberies this year, CWBChicago reported last week.

That trend appears to be continuing.

The Lincoln Square beat recorded 22 hold-ups for all of last year, with 18 reported through October 9. But this year is blowing those numbers away, with 31 robberies reported so far.

Since August 1, nearly all of the beat’s robberies have been occurring north of and on Montrose Avenue.

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Wrigleyville Mugging

CWBChicago received late word of an armed robbery behind the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville on September 29.

The victim walked to the nearby 19th District police station to report the hold-up.

He told cops that two offenders approached him at 10:20 p.m. behind the iconic bar at 1059 West Addison. One of them pulled out a handgun and demanded his cash, phone, and identification.

The man said the offenders were two men of unknown race who were dressed in all-black clothing. One stands about 5’11” tall, has a medium build, and black hair. The second man is slim, 6-feet tall, and has black hair. One was wearing a black hoodie and the other wore a black jacket, the victim said.
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  1. WTF???? A girl can't even go in and get her nails did without being harassed these days. : (

  2. 6:30pm and you are getting mugged on a busy street like Western?! This has got to stop.

  3. There was someone matching this description hanging around across the street on Western when the responding officers pulled up around 645pm in the evening. He was clearly interested in what was happening, and then walked west down Wilson.

  4. Just a follow up about the Alderman calling a private phone number because of loud noise at Diversey harbor. I went to the CAPS meeting last night. I sat in the back row and listened. There was a grand total of 12 people four of which were students at Northwestern doing journalism. There were 35 complaints about the alderman actions on CWB that night but no was there ask or complain about his actions. So people keep complaining and the only people who will read your complaints are the CWB readers. Nothing wrong with that but that is as far as it will get.

    1. Sorry, not quite following this. How do you know there were 35 complaints?

    2. Anyone who has attended CAPS meetings for years knows they are worthless...those 12 people attending must be newbies to the neighborhood.

  5. looks like Anonymous Oct 10, 2017, 12:44:00 PM meant 35 comments. Within those 35 I'd say there were 10-15 people using words like a-hole, douche bag, big ears, whiny baby etc. so maybe those could be considered complaints. But I think the point is that alot of people in the area are complaining while sitting behind their keyboards but not willing to take their voice to the CAPS meetings. And don't ask if I was there cuz the answer is no but I also didn't complain. I realize living in the city comes with its share of noise. Close your windows and turn on a fan. Or have a few cocktails before bed and you'll sleep like a baby all through the night.

  6. So you were there and complain that no one said anything. Why didn't you speak up? Guess it's easy to pass the buck than let the buck stop at your feet.

    1. Where did the poster say he was there to complain? The contributor made a good point though in that if people want change, it takes more than just making comments on a blog.

  7. I don't bother anymore because my family is getting the hell out of this city (and state, for that matter).