Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lakeview Burglars Plead Guilty; Sentences Range From 8 Years To Probation

A bunch of North Side burglary suspects have reached plea deals in recent weeks. Here is a run-down on the allegations against them and their sentences:

• Lifelong thief Randall Browning received an eight-year sentence from Judge Matthew Coghlan for burglarizing a Wrigleyville home on the morning of March 2, 2016.

Police were called to the 1300 block of West Addison after a resident reported seeing a porn movie being filmed in a car in the alley. As it turned out, there was no porn movie being filmed. The people in the vehicle were undercover cops. And they were filming Browning as he broke into a nearby coach house.

Before his current sentence, Browning (also known as Randall Brown) was sentenced to:
• One year for theft in 2011
• Another year for theft in 2011
• Ten years for burglary in 2010
• Another ten years for receiving/possessing a stolen vehicle in 2010
• 30 months for aggravated impersonation of police in 2005
• Another 30 months for theft in 2005
• Another seven years for aiding-abetting possession of a stolen vehicle in 2005
• Another five years for forgery in 2005
• Another two years for knowingly possessing a fake license in 2005
• Four years for being a felon who failed to return from furlough in 2001
• Six years for burglary in 2000.
• Another 42 months for burglary in 2000
• Five years for theft in 1998
• Six years for receiving/possessing a stolen motor vehicle in 1997
• Six years for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle in 1993
• Another three years for receiving/possessing a stolen motor vehicle in 1993
• And yet another three years for theft in 1993.
He is currently scheduled to be paroled in February 2020, after serving half of his eight-year term.

• Andrew Allison was charged with burglary this summer after a Boystown resident saw him kick down a back door in the 700 block of West Buckingham and walk out with the homeowner’s television. But the 29-year-old received a gift from Judge Marvin Luckman and the Cook County State’s Attorney. The state agreed to reduce the charge to theft. Then, Luckman sentenced him to pay $1,640 restitution and spend a year on supervised release.

Busted with a trove of electronics after burglarizing a Boystown woman’s home in September 2016, Delvon McCune has received a 75-month sentence from Judge Vincent Gaughan. It’s McCune’s fourth burglary conviction.

McCune was arrested after a woman reported seeing him climbing on her building’s fire escape in the 800 block of West Aldine. When cops stopped McCune minutes later, he was carrying a MacBook Air; an iPhone; two MacBooks; an iPad; 2 iPad chargers; multiple credit cards and jewelry.

He was previously sentenced to six years prison for burglary in 2012; six years for burglary in 2011; and another six years for burglary in 2011.

McCune is scheduled to be paroled in October 2019, after serving 50% of his 75-month sentence.

• Jahlil Porter received a 4-year sentence for his role in a residential burglary near the Belmont Red Line station. His parole date is set for May 18.

Around 5:30 a.m. on May 23, 2015, witnesses reported seeing a naked man chasing two burglars through the middle of Belmont and Kenmore. Porter and Cordell Patterson were tracked down and charged with taking the victim’s wallet, PlayStation, and a backpack during the break-in that prompted the victim to undertake his bare-bummed foot pursuit.

Patterson previously pleaded guilty and received a six-year sentence. He is scheduled to be paroled on June 7.

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  1. And on June 8th Ald Tunnochio will welcome his little Tunney Hunney back into the neighborhood so he can seek “ refuge “ at COH before planning his next felony !

    1. this just proves we need a 3 strikes and you're out law.

  2. Illinois needs a three strikes law. Turning them loose to pray on honest citizens is not working as a matter of fact it is stupid.

    1. Agree. But somebody has to start a petition and put it on the ballot.

  3. Good old Judge Marvin Luckman strikes again. Is it true that he now he has 2 Deputies assigned to him in court - one on each side - to help him find his courtroom and to keep him from falling our of his chair ?

  4. Little Jahlil must have taken hair-do tips from little Robert Vacha. (Whatever happened to little Robert, or Jacob Lapinsky, or whateverthefuck his name was??)

    1. Robert Vacha's Facebook name/page is Jacob Lapinskas Milan.

  5. Luckman and these other judges that are a scourge on the city need to go. Thanks, CWB for mentioning the judges repeatedly. It certainly seems that no one else is interested in reporting these very important details. I bet if you made a voters guide before these buffoons come up for re-election you could effect some change.

    1. I would be happy to hand these out if you put it together

  6. Sometimes I forget why I hate Chicago. Now I remember.