Wednesday, October 25, 2017

One Of Lakeview's Worst, Most Violent Criminals Heads To Prison (AGAIN)

Townsend (inset) escaped electronic monitoring to commit the robbery near Boystown this summer.
One of the worst Lakeview predators we’ve ever reported on is heading back to prison.

Tuesday, 26-year-old Morgan Townsend of the South Shore neighborhood was sentenced to seven years in prison as a Class X felon.

Townsend was on parole for a brutal 2013 mob beating and robbery of two young men near the Belmont Red Line station when he escaped electronic monitoring and robbed a 36-year-old man near the Sheridan Red Line station this summer.

In addition to pleading guilty to the Sheridan robbery, Townsend also pleaded guilty to separate charges of residential burglary and theft on Tuesday.

Judge Shelley Sutker-Dermer sentenced Townsend to seven-years for the robbery, a concurrent seven years for the burglary, and one year for the theft charge. Felony counts of aggravated battery and unlawful restraint related to the mugging were dropped. His parole date for the latest convictions has not been set.

The theft count was filed after Townsend grabbed a woman and took her iPhone and $200 in the Loop on March 26.

Despite the fact that he was on parole and has a history of violent robbery he was placed on electronic monitoring for the phone theft, court records show.

On June 26, he burglarized a home in the 3100 block of North Orchard and was subsequently caught using the victim’s stolen Target credit card.

And in mid-July Townsend escaped from electronic monitoring, traveled to Boystown, and committed that robbery near the Sheridan Red Line station, according to authorities.

Later that morning, by sheer coincidence, the victim saw Townsend standing near a bunch of cops at the 7-Eleven parking lot on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted.

“That’s the guy who robbed me,” the victim told an officer, according to a police report. Townsend was taken into custody.

“He was on electronic monitoring at the time of his arrest,” Cook County Sheriff spokesperson Sofia Ansari said. “He left his residence unauthorized. Our electronic monitoring unit was notified when he left, attempted to contact him, but was unsuccessful, and  later learned he had been arrested by the Chicago Police Department.”

“Any questions on why Townsend was originally placed on electronic monitoring should be addressed with the Chief Judge’s office,” Ansari said.

At the police station, cops searched Townsend and found four bags of cocaine, three bags of pot, and 10 bags of ecstasy in his underwear, prosecutors said. The robbery victim’s debit card was also recovered.

Also arrested in the 7-Eleven parking lot was a 22-year-old man who gave the name “Isaiah Joseph Blackwell.”

Fingerprints later revealed his actual identity to be Zikee Townsend, Morgan’s brother.

Zikee was found to be in possession of the robbery victim’s iPhone and driver’s license as well as 29 ecstasy pills worth $725 in his “groin area,” police said.

All charges against Zikee Townsend were subsequently dropped. (It’s not the first time he’s walked free after being scooped up in an alleged robbery around Wrigleyville and Boystown.)

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  1. Thats odd. Why would all charges be dropped on this scumbag ? Just roaming free to rob again. I guess being named Zikee must have been punishment enough.

  2. Vote New/ different Mayor all new judges

  3. Welcome to North Englewood! Great Leadership Ald. Tunnochio!

  4. Welcome to North Englewood! Nice leadership Ald. Tunnochio!

  5. He had to have cooperated with the police and given some people up. Why would they just drop charges like that against him. Sorry I forgot, it's Shitcago...hate to call our city that, but thats what it's becoming. Sad.

  6. Dropped charges or vastly reduced charges if any charges at all against violent, repeat, incorrigible offfenders. It’s obscene how these cases are prosecuted. Must be maddeningly frustrating for the cops to arrest these same thugs over and over with mountains of edifence agains them only to see them right back on the street. Catch and release. Rinse and repeat.

  7. When will the community demand that the 7/11 be redeveloped?

  8. Also, can people in the neighborhood curb their illegal drug habits?

    1. Highly unlikely. It's big business for the bars to draw those types to the area. And the residents themselves, why live somewhere else and have to drive to their hood to get your drugs when they're delivered to your doorstep or available on any Lakeview street or alley 24/7? Broad daylight right on Halsted you see "things" and $$ being exchanged with either party not even breaking their stride.

  9. No, no and no. Parole violation you finish out the rest of your sentence automatically, no charges are dropped. What does it take to keep violent offenders in prison?

  10. Why would someone like Zikee take our laws seriously? Why would they ever be deterred from pursuing criminal activities? The only price Zikee paid was losing the loot he stole and some of the drugs he was trying to sell, which probably only motivated him to steal more and sell more drugs to make up for it.

  11. More dint do nuffins just tryin to turn there lifes around

  12. It's almost as if the judges and prosecutors long for a society where these crimes are permitted and considered normal, but they can't quite do that yet, so they do the absolute minimum.

  13. One can only hope that the next victim will be related to the judge, who let this repeat offender back on the street.....

  14. I thought being in possession of stolen property was a crime HELLO! EARTH TO KIM FOXX!!!

    Ah, screw it, she doesn't care anyway. Why did anyone vote for her?

  15. The most positive thing I garnered from this is, the price of ecstasy hasn't gone up much since the '90s.

  16. what does it mean that the cook county sheriff attempted to contact him after he left unauthorized? did they just try to call the dangerous felon to ask him to please return home?

  17. Zikee walks and Zachary Ritter gets 50K bond! Lots of inequities in our system!