Monday, October 23, 2017

Man Charged With Six Summertime Robberies In Lakeview And Lincoln Park

A South Side man is now charged with participating in seven robberies across Lincoln Park and Lakeview this summer with former Lincoln Park High School basketball standout Bryce McGill.

Christopher Taylor, 20, was charged last week with five counts of robbery and one count of robbery-indicating presence of a firearm.

McGill was charged with the cases in July.

Since McGill’s arrest, Area North robbery investigators have been working to find his accomplice in the attacks which allegedly involved McGill punching victims in their face, prosecutors said.

Police found a “treasure trove” of robbery proceeds in McGill’s backpack after arresting him near the Addison Red Line station on July 14, according to court records. McGill was charged after being identified by victims in photo line-ups.

In August, detectives were able to make the first link between Taylor and the robberies that McGill allegedly committed. Taylor was charged then with helping McGill beat and rob a 25-year-old Lincoln Park barista in the 800 block of West Webster at 5:30 a.m. on July 2.

Two more months of legwork finally paid off for investigators.

The new charges against Taylor allege that he helped McGill mug men and women at the following places and times:
#1) 11:50 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5, near Clark and Arlington
#2) 1:05 a.m. on Thursday, July 6, in the 700 block of West Briar
#3) 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 9, in the 600 block of West Deming
#4) 1:50 a.m. on Sunday, July 9, in the 500 block of West Briar
#5) 11:55 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 in the 600 block of West Oakdale
#6) 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 in the 1200 block of West Wrightwood
Bryce McGill—before his alleged robbery career. | Facebook

A source familiar with the investigation told CWB Chicago that “much of the credit belongs to the 19th District robbery team lead by Sgt. Schnoor. Their quick action and dedication to duty ensured these violent offenders were arrested and charged."

During an initial court appearance after McGill’s arrest, a public defender infamously told a judge that the 19-year-old had received a scholarship to the University of North Carolina. The school quickly denied any knowledge of McGill.

Last month, Taylor was charged with a series of wireless store robberies on the South Side.

Prosecutors said that between May 25 and July 2, Taylor typically robbed at least four Boost Mobile stores by pretending that he was holding a gun inside of a bag. He was arrested when he walked into a South Side Boost store and tried to sell them six iPhones that were still in their factory packaging, police said

All totaled, Taylor is now accused of twelve robberies: seven with McGill, four of the cellular stores, and one in the 2000 block of North Fremont last July without McGill’s assistance.
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  1. Glad these bad guys are off the streets.

    1. sadly they will get 6 months jail and be released to Center On halsted counselling so they can start crime again. by next summer complete BS.

    2. Ha. Until Kim Foxx sets him free ... won't be long at all.

    3. .....for a few weeks anyway....except for rainy days. They never come out when it's wet. "The streets are shining!". "Yes, let's go out and have some fun without worried about being beaten and robbed!" (a Lakeview resident's lament).

  2. That should amount to a year probation in Foxxville

  3. Off the streets nut for how long. Not the last you will see of him.

  4. Let's see what the little scumbag gets for a sentence. I'm predicting 5 years. He will be paroled by 2020 if not earlier. Sad....

  5. He'll be back at it soon, we haven't heard the last of this one............

  6. I am glad they are off the streets to BUT how long before they are back? We need a 3 strikes law in Illinois if you can't change your behavior after 2 strikes you need to be locked up for the rest of your miserable life.....

  7. Off the streets? Let me guess minimum bail. Let me guess again probation for both of them. Thanks Sgt Schnoor you did your job, arrested and convicted. Too bad you can't give the sentences also.

  8. We're fortunate criminals are stupid! Hi, my name is Chris Taylor and I would like to sell you fine people at Boost Mobile 6 brand new factory sealed iphones I recently stole from other Boost Mobile locations. Hilarious! It would be nice if all criminals were this stupid.

  9. In Chicago, bad guys being charged or arrested or convicted does not mean they are off the streets.

  10. The State's Attorney's Office under its new leadership rarely seeks to hold violent offenders in custody pre-trial and has significantly reduced its efforts of prosecuting criminals who violate their parole. It also significantly reduced its prosecution of "juveniles" for any offense. So we should expect to see more crime in our area and more of our neighbors victimized. The voters wanted "criminal justice reform" and they are sure getting it under Kim Foxx and her new criminal friendly policies!