Saturday, October 21, 2017

Late Night Taco Stand Robbed Of $2K In Lincoln Park

An armed robber took more than $2,000 from a Lincoln Park late-night burrito shop Saturday morning. No one was injured and no suspects are in custody.

Around 5 a.m., the offender entered through the back door of Taco Burrito Express, 2540 North Halsted.

Inside the restaurant, the robber produced a handgun and demanded the store’s Friday night proceeds, which exceeded $2,000, according to police. He then ran out the back door and fled in an unknown direction.

Police said the offender is a 30-year-old black man who stands 5’4” to 5’8” tall and weighs 190-210 pounds. He was wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants.

Taco Burrito Express is located next to Kingston Mines, a legendary Chicago late-night blues bar.
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  1. Well, the thug-thief is entitled, and if caught is going to be set free by Kim Foxx anyway, so why don't we all just leave our day's receipts and hard-earned money out on a table on the sidewalk, and just let the thieves pick us clean. Why not!

  2. Oh, c'mon. That place can't have more than $101 in it's register at any given time. Did they get the weed too?

  3. Because that would be laying down for the evil in this city. I know your being sarcastic, but thieves will continue to do wrong until we ourselves put a stop to it, or drastically change our entire IL governing body. I'll let you in on a little secret. The latter will never happen in our lifetimes. Too much corruption. So if your not willing to stand up for what's ours in this city, then you might as well just sign your check over to the nearest "thug-thief" as you put it.

  4. Same dude in the gray hoodie that was involved in this one perhaps?

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  5. Some liberal genius is going to suggest that the cash robbery could have been avoided if the restaurant only accepted credit cards.