Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lakeview Troublemaker Charged With Battering Cops, Trying To Burglarize ATM

Tucker is charged with trying to break into a Wrigleyville ATM and battering police. | Google; CPD
A Lakeview neighborhood menace is finally facing serious charges after he tried to break into a Wrigleyville ATM and then battered the police who tracked him down, prosecutors said.

Cops said they saw Tevin Tucker prying open the ATM at 948 West Addison around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Tucker fled the scene, but officers caught up with him in the alley behind the 3600 block of North Wilton.

As police walked Tucker to their vehicle, the 31-year-old became combative, spit in a lieutenant’s face, and kicked another officer in the leg, according to prosecutors. They said Tucker later battered a jail attendant at the Area North police lock-up.

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Tucker was also held on a warrant for which he was wanted for attacking police during a September 30 incident in Boystown.

Officers who responded to a disturbance call said they were battered by Tucker at the 7-Eleven, 3700 North Broadway. Tucker managed to escape, but an officer recognized him from a previous incident, and the arrest warrant was issued, according to a source.

Tucker is charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery of a police officer; one felony count of criminal damage to property; felony resisting; misdemeanor trespassing; and three counts of misdemeanor resisting police. He is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Police and court records show long lists of arrests for Tucker in Lakeview and nearby neighborhoods.

On August 28, Tucker and two other men were charged with trespassing after a construction worker found them sleeping inside a nearly-finished new condo at 641 West Aldine.
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  1. "Long list" of arrests for this piece of garbage. Keep slappin' him on the wrist. He'll learn his lesson.

  2. Caught for breaking into an ATM, and then fight with cops, spits in their face, transmitting who knows what diseases this disgusting person has, then fights the jail processor, and then also wanted for fighting and battering the cops weeks prior and escaping, and this Judge and States Attorney gives him a $100K bond, WOW, if this was outside of Cook County, or in Florida, Or Texas, he would have NO BOND immediately, and would be given a 10 year sentence. And we wonder why cops don't even care to arrest anyone anymore because all the criminals are just set free or given small, tiny bond amounts. We as a nation and people of Cook County keep allowing this to happen, today its a cop, and tomorrow the same guy will punch a woman in the face to take her purse. Criminals have no shame and its our fault allowing it to happen because no one besides a blog like this demands anything more. Thank you CWB for exposing the system's hypocrisy !

  3. Should be good for a 2 year bit cut in half so you will see this guy again. He should have gotten a wood shampoo before he got to lockup and a whirley at the jail.

  4. P.S. didn't list his address. Is he "homeless" too?

    1. He gives a Humboldt Park homeless shelter as his home address.

  5. He'll be back out amongst us just in time for the holiday thugging season.

  6. Do away with his ass! Ban him from lakeview start charging him with felonys!