Thursday, October 26, 2017

Alderman: City Having Trouble Recruiting New Police

By Patrick Butler • Inside Publications

This year’s city budget is going to be even more interesting than usual, Ald. Tom Tunney [44th] predicted last week.

And it isn’t just a matter of dollars and cents this time around, he said.

Speaking at an Oct. 18 Lake View Kiwanis Club meeting at Ann Sather’s restaurant, 909 W. Belmont Ave., Tunney said the Police Dept. is having a hard time finding recruits.

44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney represents much of Lakeview, including Wrigleyville and Boystown | YouTube
“I know we’re aggressively seeking new officers, but when we had an open house here in Lakeview not long ago, there were only a handful of interested people,” Tunney said. “We’ve even gone outside the city to recruit."

“It’s just not a good time to recruit police officers” for Chicago. “They’re doing three tests a year, compared to past years when there was a waiting list to get on,” he said.

So why is a job where you can legitimately earn $72,000 a year with full benefits and a pension going begging?

Some veteran officers say “it’s just not the same anymore,” offering a variety of reasons why.

The dynamics underpinning the shortages vary, but there are national trends making it harder for police forces to attract applicants. The first is a strong economy. When plenty of jobs are available, people are usually less motivated to enter dangerous professions.

Tunney noted the recent Justice Dept. investigation and overall police moral issues as the reason why so few may want to join the CPD these days. Part of the problem may also be that more senior patrol officers understandably often get the lion’s share of overtime,  Tunney said.

And he predicted that overtime would add up to $200 million this year.

“We even have a problem recruiting enough detectives,” traditionally considered a plum career opportunity, he said, adding that it may be that with so many officers reaching retirement age, it’s hard to put enough replacements through training to fill those vacancies.

Asked if Chicago ever considered creating a police reserve program similar to those used in many cities around the U.S. and parts of Europe, Tunney said that to his knowledge, the idea has never been discussed.

He added, however, that any such program would undoubtedly have to be in sync with the police contract, which is up for renewal this year.

But while applications to join the CPD fell by 15% since February, the last time the department accepted applications, there were still more than 14,000 applications received this time around, police said.

And the pool of applicants who will take the exam in December is the most diverse ever, with 35% women and 71% nonwhite, officials said.

Applicants must be at least 20 years old. At the time of hire, recruits must reside in Chicago, have a valid state of Illinois driver's license, have 60 semester hours of college credit or 36 months of continuous active duty service; or one year continuous active service with 30 semester hours college credit. The exam will be administered the weekend of Dec. 16.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has pledged to expand the CPD by 970 officers who represent the city’s current ethnic makeup. But that may only be enough to match the attrition of those officers now retiring or leaving the department.
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  1. I’ll tell you why nobody wants to work in Chicago! The city sides with the criminals! It’s a revolving door, Cops lock them up, only to be released with a fraction of the time served.
    Kim foxx should be fired!

  2. Or Tom Tunney is just a complete joke? There’s plenty of cops on the south side....

    1. Tom Tunney a joke? Maybe. Plenty of cops on the south side? No. Our city could use more police across the board. North side, South side and West side. We should legalize all recreational drugs, tax them, and use the additional revenue to fund 10,000 more police officers.

    2. How do you know there are plenty of cops on the south side?

  3. Poor planning. Short staffing and attrition doesnt happen overnight.

  4. now that crime is so violent and the police they put 2 cops in a car and give them 20 miles of crime infested area so much so that they have to put the calls in RAPS some calls are never gotten to who would want to work the WHOLE city being dispatched from all over the city Rahm's brilliant idea

  5. Alderman,
    FACT is that last April over 16,000 people took the Patrolman test. Frankly I think you are lying and the real reason we don't have enough Cops in this Ward has to do with the fact that Rahm refuses to hire enough, and you have sat back and allowed it! If the Politics in this ward wasn't all about Gays, you would have been long gone! And you know it!

    1. Not a fact!!! Of the 14k that signed up how many will show up? Like 10k, how many of the 10k are actually qualified and have met the requirements? Like 8,500 and 3% of that number will actually pass all testing and get hired.

    2. WOW! Looks like I really hit a nerve here.
      The City either hires enough Cops or it doesn't. Why they don't reach the goals that they Publicly announce is just an excuse. The facts are clear, crime is increasing in My 44th Ward, and I see a lot less Cops in the Hood then I did 26 Years ago.

  6. The overtime is offered by the City, why are they complaining about anyone taking offered money. Don't mention the truth.

  7. Just let people know that they can retire at age 50 with 90% of their final annual $120,000 salary and can then get a new job too. That ought to be enough to attract applicants.

    1. Now you sound like the Mayor with more lies. It's 30yrs of service and over 55yrs of age with 75% pension of 95k. Keep in mind over 60% of cops die within 5yrs of retirement. And cops contribute 9% of their salary towards their pension and no Social Security benefits.

    2. Why must you stir the pot?

      You're wrong on most counts.

      You CAN retire at 50 if you so desire.
      You CANNOT collect a minimum 50% pension
      UNLESS you're 50 and have 20 years with no
      suspension time. Any suspension time must be
      made up to have 20 years of service.

      A current 20 year officer clocks somewhere
      in the mid $80Ks.

      Yes some officers do well with the overtime

      So please stop with the "sweet early retirement
      and cush $100K pension" lies.

      Direct your ire toward the city hall clout gold
      star big bosses who never passed a promotional
      exam or were given the answers to promotional
      exams. They're the ones stealing $150K to $200K
      salaries AND pensions.

      The regular, no clout Policeman is just trying to
      do his time, stay off of the doj/aclu/#blm radar,
      retire, sell his house and escape Chicago and
      Illinois with his comparative pittance of a pension.

      Hopefully this does a little to cool your
      anger and hatred.

    3. Wrong. Takes 30 (29 years + 1 day) to get max pension of 80%. Minus close to $2000 per month for health insurance.

    4. That is wrong dumb dumb...... At age 50 you would retire depending on your years of service you would retire anywhere from 50% to 75% of their annual salary...There is no 90% of salary at retirement.... But if you would, could you ask Rahm to give the police that. Also, I do not know a Police Officer whose annual salary is $120,000 but I.m sure they are hoping for that.

    5. And you're paying for that multi-billion $ pension deficit in 101 ways if you actually live in that city. I could no longer justify it unless I was making AT LEAST $150,000 myself. Buh bye Chicago.

    6. Not true. 75% and age 53. 20 years is 50% and 29 years is 75%.

  8. What a frighteningly dangerous situation. "#ChicagoWay" & "the Machine" have worked their evil for decades to this alarming outcome...the dastardly price to the innocent public.

    I was totally stunned to learn the neighbor of a friend has actually hired a private security guard, posted outside their home thru the night 7 days/week, in a 'nice' Lake View neighborhood. God help us, where will it end? How many lives?

  9. Just so everybody's clear -- this is the 'cover story'. There was NEVER any way Rahm and the Stooges we're going to hit their stated target of 14,535 CPD officers. It was always bullshit.
    What we had was a massive tax hike at the same time as a citywide murder tally of 800.
    Somebody had to promise the suckers something...and this was it. Never a shred of credibility though. Hell, even Cappleman said 'Nobody told us how it was getting paid for'.
    Guess why, dumbass.

    1. Sorry. My bad typing above. The promise was 13,535 CPD officers by the end of next year, not 14,535.
      That promise was a lie back then.
      And the 'cover story' is a lie now.
      .......HEY STOOGES - every damn one of you traded your vote on the huge property tax increase for that 13,535 number. Remember????

  10. There have been continuing first-person reports in Second City Cop that the City has erected a comprehensive system to avoid hiring white males. Recently, the mayor happily crowed that the list contained the fewest number of white males it ever has. From not having the opportunity of being given extra points on the tests, to mysteriously being judged "psychologically unfit" by hack "psychologists", to not being given the opportunity to re-take failed physical examinations, how many people eager and otherwise qualified, are being denied the opportunity to become Chicago police officers simply because their race makes them politically undesirable?

    1. I know a White male that was disqualified because of the psych exam part years ago. Personally I still think he nuts enough to be a Chicago police officer.

    2. Seems reverse discrimination is legal here!

  11. Tinned should stick to what he's good at, busting tables. He and the other 49 are the reason no one wants to be the police today.

  12. First and last time I ate at Ann Sathers, I sat by the table near the kitchen and it smelled like an open sewer - just like Tunney's leadership - raw sewage.

    Got elected, lied to his constituents, and continuously makes empty promises.

    Tunney is overrated, just like his cinnamon rolls.

  13. Chicago has gone to shit. Why be a the police when no one respects them. A married young guy starting out with a couple of kids why should he put his life in jeopardy. The mayor will most certainly not have your back and thats been proven time and time again.

  14. I wouldn't trust anything Tunney says.

  15. CWB, Look at the old 023 beat map if you can find it. Just compare beat 1915, that was 2322 and 2323 before the merger. Broadway was the split between the two beats. A prime example of Rahm "Doing more with less".

  16. So why has Rhambo refused National Guard troops to bolster the south and west side that even Trump supports ?
    Because hiring 1,000 cops or anything else is bad publicity, admitting he is lying when he says "crime is down".

  17. To the members of CPD thank you for your work. Unfortunately people just don't believe the laws are for them or just choose yo be disrespectful.

  18. To anyone reading this blog: I have been a CPD member for 20 years now. I just made it to 20 and will retire in July 2018 when I am 50 years old. I highly recommend looking into another career choice if you are considering a career as a LEO. First off there are other cities/munis hiring. Chicago is very political in nature. Promotions are NOT fair at all neither are assignments to specialized units.

    If you are homeless then being a cop in Chicago might not be a bad choice but for anyone else I'd look for another career.

    1. As a member of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, I thank you for your service, Officer!

    2. 20 years here as well. Great advice!!!! I did get promoted, but I believe there’s cheating involved in the exams.