Monday, October 16, 2017

Gunman Robs Lakeview Bicyclist Sunday Evening; Fourth Robbery In Southeast Lakeview In A Week

Last night's robbery is at least the fourth to be reported in southeast Lakeview since October 9.
A Lakeview man was robbed of his bicycle near Diversey and Sheridan Sunday night. He becomes at least the fourth robbery person to be mugged in the southeast Lakeview neighborhood since last Monday.

Three men, one armed with a handgun, approached the victim on in the 400 block of Surf Street around 10:30 p.m. and took control of his white bike. The robbers emerged from a Toyota or Honda “low-rider” that was last seen heading west on Diversey, the man said.

He described the offenders as three Hispanic men in dark hoodies.

Wednesday's victim escaped robbers by running into this Sheridan Road high-rise.
• Early Wednesday, another man ran into a Sheridan Road condo building seeking help after a group of offenders tried to chase him down in a robbery attempt. The would-be victim said four male offenders, including one armed with a handgun, approached him near the 2900 block of North Sheridan Road and announced a robbery. The victim fled, and the robbers chased him for a short distance until he entered the high-rise.

He said the offenders were four men: a male Hispanic with short hair; a male Hispanic with long hair; a black male with long hair; and a black male with short hair who was armed with a silver revolver.

Thursday's robbery targeted a liquor store next to the Diversey Brown Line station.
• A liquor store clerk was forced to the floor and physically restrained by two robbers who struck his shop in the 900 block of West Diversey at 2 p.m. on Thursday. The victim said one robber acted as if he had a gun in his coat as the pair rounded up merchandise before running southbound in the alley behind Sheffield Avenue.

He describes the offenders as a black male wearing an orange hoodie and a black female wearing a dark hoodie and a black backpack.

• Last Monday, a Lakeview man reported that three offenders robbed him of $1,500, an Apple watch and other valuables in the 600 block of West Wellington. The full story of that incident is HERE.
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  1. Well I sure hope all that commotion didn't wake up the peevish Alderderman.

  2. SE Lakeview, notably Beat 1934, has typically been safe from the many robberies that plague our district. The only saving grace is that our esteemed alderman, Tunney, lives near Sheridan & Diversey... something tells me he won’t want this around him either.

  3. And the beat goes on...when I moved into the city in 1986, my first apartment was the 2930 N. Sheridan building. You know why I chose to live there? Because it was a SAFE neighborhood. Didn't matter that the adult bookstore/peep shows were still a few blocks away on Broadway, it was safe. As a single 22 year old woman, I spent plenty of time in nearby bars and walked home alone or with my roommate at 2am after a few too many. And I never feared for my safety. It pains me to see what a cesspool this neighborhood and this entire city has become.

    I am counting the days until July 31, 2018 when I am moving to the suburbs. I've had enough.

    1. I moved to the same neighborhood circa 1990- Broadway then between Diversey and Belmont was not the vibrant strip it is today- lots of empty storefronts back then and the drecky Dominic's where we all had the misfortune to shop! Yet it was always relatively safe whatever the time of day or night...I've never left this great neighborhood, but now I rarely venture out after dark unless I absolutely have to...even walking down a street like Pine Grove say between Wellington and Surf in the middle of the day now has me looking suspiciously at every car that passes, as it only takes an instant for a car full of thugs to jump out and rob you of your dignity. I am so damn tired of reading on CWB of the ridiculous sentences that the Judges slap on those who have been tried and convicted. I'm repulsed that these sentences are cut in 1/2 the day they are sentenced.

      This city could be the best in the world.....but take the court system, slime alderman (yes you Tunney amongst others- but you do NOTHING to keep us safe) ....and Rahm you talked tough in your Daley fund-raising days and the early Clinton White House era but your reign in Chicago will tarnish your legacy unless you do something ASAP to protect your residents.

      It still makes no sense to me that Blagoyevich is in prison for 14 years w/o parole for his supposed stupidity yet these violent thugs who we read about day in and day out on CWB continually get slaps on the wrist and are back out on the streets committing the same crimes or even worse over and over again. Who would you rather see in prison for 14 years at our expense? Would you feel threatened if Blago was released tomorrow? Believe me, I'm no fan of Blago but something is seriously wrong with our legal system when these physically dangerous violent offenders are given probation and short sentences.

    2. Why wait. The life you save might be your own.

  4. I lived at 2970 N Sheridan in 1986. I remember dragging my Christmas tree home at 4 a.m. in the freshly fallen snow (can't remember why) and feeling very peaceful. However, in retrospect, it was an illusion. The neighborhood was not any safer back then. We just didn't have the internet to hear about it.

    1. Wrong. Now go away, Alderman Tunney.

    2. Evidently you are saying that we should all accept crime and that ignorance is bliss? In that case you must have a lot of bliss.

  5. 60 minutes did a piece a few months ago about what a great job Sheriff Tom Dart is doing. Boy were they wrong. I wonder how Dart pulled that off. Anyway, I am going to write to 60 minutes and suggest they do a piece about how the gangs and thugs have taken over the north side and how our politicians are doing nothing for the tax paying citizens. If the other reader of this blog write to 60 Minutes, maybe they will do a segment.