Sunday, October 01, 2017

Division Street Robbery Pursuit Winds Up In Lakeview (And Other Sunday Morning Mugging News)

Robberies in Boystown, Uptown, and Old Town kept local officers busy early Sunday morning.

• Two men responsible for an armed robbery near the Division Street bar strip wound up in Lakeview minutes after the hold-up, cops said.

The offenders robbed a man and took his Lexus during the robbery at 238 West Division around 12:30 a.m. Officers followed the car all the way to the 2900 block of North Pine Grove, where the offenders fled on foot.

Police said the suspects are two black men in their early 20’s. One was about 6-feet tall wearing a sleeveless hoodie and black Adidas sweatpants. The other is about 5’7” tall, and he wore a hoodie with jeans. Both men were last seen running westbound on Barry from Pine Grove.

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• A woman was jumped and robbed of her purse in the 800 block of West Buckingham around 2:50 a.m.  Three men attacked the woman, took her black and brown purse, then fled south in the alley behind Halsted Street. The offenders are described only as black men wearing hoodies.

• At 1:45 a.m., a man was punched in the face and robbed by three men who claimed to have a handgun in the 1100 block of West Leland. The offenders approached the man under the guise of handing out fliers to a nightclub, then attacked him when they were within range, police said. The offenders are described as three black men in the late teens who stand about 5’10” tall. Two were wearing red hoodies, and one was wearing a gray hoodie. All three were last seen running eastbound on Leland.
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  1. I was in Lincoln Park on Broadway one summer day and it was bustling with happy shiny people. It looked like urban paradise. Later that night when I got home, thanks to this website, I read about five armed assaults/robberies that took place that day all within a few blocks of where I was. Crime is like that. For most of us, we're untouched, but for others it's all too real. Think about that next time you vote for a progressive.

    1. Spot on. Its all around you and just a matter of time or blind luck. Vote these people out.

  2. Where's the information on Old Town?