Tuesday, October 03, 2017

CTA "White Powder" Suspect In Custody, Cops Say

The guy who intentionally sprinkled white powder on an inbound Red Line train during last Thursday’s bustling morning rush is in custody, police said.

Davis | Chicago Police Dept
41-year-old Kelvin Davis of West Ridge was caught on CTA surveillance video, pouring powder from a brown paper bag, the department said. Eyewitnesses were able to identify him. He is charged with one count of reckless conduct.

Detectives hoped to have Davis charged with felony counts, but the Cook County State's Attorney refused to pursue the more serious charge, according to a source who requested anonymity.

First responders arrived at the Addison Red Line station around 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the incident and tests found the substance to be “non-harmful.”

Nonetheless, as CWBChicago reported exclusively that night, Chicago police quarantined the affected car at the Howard train yard where bomb and arson detectives conducted a complete investigation.

At the time, we reported that a source said the suspect had been described as a light-complected black man in his 20’s with freckles on his face. He was wearing a beige canvas hat, a red Bulls jersey, and knee-length shorts.
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  1. I almost never take sides with the culprits, and or the shitty prosecution that Chicago has. But based on what I read, what did he actually do wrong except for maybe littering. I get it, he poured what looked like a possible dangerous substance on the floor. But that's like me accidentally spilling my bag of flour that I just bought from the supermarket. Yes he wasted resources and time of the police. Yes he probably freaked a bunch of people out. I get much more upset though, when they downplay armed robbery into some bullshit misdemeanor, or a clear case of theft into a lost or mislaid property charge. For once I actually have to agree with the prosecution here. It would be hard to hit him with felonies here. Either way, f'm amd get off the streets. Looks shady anyways.

    1. Our understanding is that it wasn't a "spill." It was an intentional placement of powder from a brown paper bag. He is charged with reckless conduct for causing a disturbance that could reasonably result in the injury of others.

    2. Your right guilty of something. Not sure what but something. Anything just get this piece of shit off the streets. Ops forgot it is Chicago, so he will be out by end of year or sooner.

    3. That's it...try to rationalize the actions of a sociopathic jackass. Douche.

  2. Why is he not being billed for the total amount of expenses incurred by law enforcement?

  3. I personally think his freckles are very becoming - but I'm not quite sure what they're becoming...

  4. In this day and age, a reckless act which was meant to cause fear of poisoning in people should be treated very seriously. This shitbag knew what he was doing .