Sunday, October 29, 2017

Boystown: Fake Cop Tries To Sexually Assault, Rob Man Near Police Station; Suspect In Custody

A convicted felon posing as a Chicago police officer attempted to abduct, rob, and sexually assault a 21-year-old man in Boystown on Sunday morning, police said. An observant off-duty cop who thought the situation looked suspicious intervened and stopped the crime.

The suspect is in custody and charges are pending. A police department source said the 33-year-old man is on parole.

The offender approached the victim near the 19th District police station parking lot at 3625 North Fremont shortly after 5 a.m. and identified himself as a police officer, according to the department’s news affairs office. He told the victim that he was under arrest and to put his hands behind his back.

The incident unfolded here, near the 19th District police station parking lot, a source said. | Google
Police said the suspect then groped and tried to rob and sexually assault the victim while threatening him.

The offender fled when an off-duty officer who saw the situation unfold approached the scene, the department said. On-duty officers located the suspect with the help of the off-duty cop and took him into custody near Waveland and Fremont minutes later.

Charges against the offender were pending tonight. A police source said officers were hoping to secure multiple felony counts.

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  1. I guess that's one way to get more police on the streets fake or otherwise!

  2. The weird criminals could care less that our neighborhood police stations it right there. They know there usually NO police dispatched there so much so i remember kids Graffiti the front of the police station all up.

  3. NOBODY is safe from these psychotic criminals!!!!

  4. Nice work, CPD!

  5. Are you fucking kidding me? In the parking lot belonging to CPD?!?

    I'm sure Foxx and her minions will find that this was some sort of lost or mislaid property. Because surely, the guy assaulted was putting his junk out there and not keeping track of it. (sarcasm needs a font)

  6. Of course he was on parole. To bad can't hold parole board accountable. Why is that by the way?

  7. Multiple felony counts who are you kidding? This is Chicago at most will be a misdemeanor and that's for pretending to be a cop. Who in there right mind would want to do this near a cop shop?

  8. No fear. This should be a big signal to everyone in our community. These offenders dont fear or care about the police. And they certainly wont fear you.

    Please know your neighbors. Please call in suspicious activity. Please take your faces out of your cell phones for the few mins it takes to walk home from the train. Make yourself a hard target. Look around and be alert for eachother too. It cant just be police and off duty police to protect you all the time.

  9. Wow....the crimanals have breached the gates and are now taking over the police department.

  10. maybe the impersonator was 1 of T-mobile Verizon Tom walsh security agency who is notorious for dressing up as real cops in gear. Seen a few of his team members on Halloween weekend dressed up with official police outfit and everything. I think NYPD with gun and belt carrying equipment and official police hat and badge. Sort of sad and pathetic theres guys like this that are so obsessed with the police authority and fake uniforms but whats worse is the security agency who hires 'em