Saturday, September 16, 2017

Uptown: Teen Shot Near Uplift High School Tonight

Tonight's shooting took place about a block from this landmark sign in Uptown. | Google
A 17-year-old boy is in good condition after being shot near Uplift High School in Uptown tonight. No one is in custody. A source said the shooting is gang-related.

Witnesses heard a half-dozen shots fired around 5:35 p.m. and some onlookers saw a suspected shooter run from the scene. He is described as black and wearing a white du-rag with a red shirt and black pants. Two witnesses said he ran northbound from the scene.

Shell casings were recovered at location 1; a fired bullet was found at location 2, police said
The victim, who suffered a single gunshot wound to his upper right thigh, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center where his condition was stabilized.

Police said six shell casings were found in an alley behind the 900 block of West Eastwood and the remnants of a ricocheted bullet were found nearby.

Tonight’s shooting is the 18th of the year for Uptown, which had suffered 27 shootings at the same time last year.

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  1. This is not "Uplifting" at all.....I can't imagine tomorrow's police blotter on an 86 degree Saturday night! Have mercy on us all

  2. But, overall crime is down. Just ask the guy that just got shot what he thinks.

    1. No, ask Cappelman and Tunneys and Rahm why.

  3. Shooter missed uplifting message at school.

  4. How Come you did not post a picture of the place that it happened at, uplift high school. Instead you posted a picture about Jesus Christ. There is a devil, and no one is able to force him to be nice near churches. I resent your sly slander on the name of Jesus Christ, whom Christians worship as if he is to be blamed for what happened. There is a hell for a reason.

    1. I agree. Most Democrats seem to ignore the fact that there is Good and Evil...always has been and always will be. Recognizing Evil and destroying it is the duty of Good people.