Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Raw Info: Documents Received In Response To Freedom Of Information Act Requests

Editor Note: This is a supplemental report to our exclusive investigation into the use of tax money to pay an unlicensed security company with connections to a Chicago cop for private patrols in Lakeview. See our main report HERE.

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CWBChicago's research on A&T Security LLC's operation in Lakeview East included two Freedom of Information Act requests and an appeal to the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

This page includes all of the documents that CWBChicago received in response to the FOIA efforts.

Images of canceled checks payable to A&T Security LLC that were provided by the city are not published here in order to protect banking information.


  1. That's a lot of good FOIA requests. If only "real journalists" at newspapers and televisions did the same stuff. Good work!

  2. "Unexpectedly closed connection"??

  3. I was honestly getting worried you guys were getting paid off by him to be hush about this story from months ago and its refreshing to know you guys and gals were busy at work with investigating this angle. Sorry to have questioned your integrity, thank you for delving into these backroom deals, you guys are better than cpd IAD or IG office for gosh sake, perhaps a new career? Us paying insane property taxes should expect more from our elected officials and community police officers..Kudos kudos kudos to you CWB for reports and facts

    1. Thank you for your patience. We were very busy on this for several weeks. It's important that we get these things right and tight.

    2. Excellent job. If there were more real investigative journalists in the main stream media there would be a lot less of this bullshit just as the criminals know there will be little consequence because they will either get off scot free or receive a minimal sentence. Politicians know there is no one really watching. They have no fear and dirty deals are done right in front of our faces.