Saturday, September 02, 2017

Prosecutors: Man "Adversely Affected Dining Experience" At Wrigleyville Taco Bell

Perez (inset) was arrested at the Wrigleyville eatery early on August 19, police said.
A 31-year-old West Ridge man is charged with disorderly conduct, accused of relieving himself in the Wrigleyville Taco Bell’s dining room shortly after midnight on August 19.

A restaurant security guard told police that he saw Alejandro Perez “stand up in the middle of the lobby of the Taco Bell and urinate on the floor thereby causing a breach of peace and adversely affecting the health and safety of other patrons’ dining experience,” according to the police report.

Prosecutors went on to describe Perez’s actions to be of “such unreasonable manner as to alarm and disturb the customers.” He was released on a $120 I-Bond.

Perez is surely not the first to be accused of letting loose in the restaurant at 1111 West Addison. But he may be one of the last. Plans have been announced to close the restaurant to make way for a retail development in 2018.
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