Friday, September 15, 2017

Police Alert: Man Grabbing Women From Behind In Ravenswood, Lincoln Square

The suspect rides a silver-colored BMX-style bike, police said.
Detectives are warning women in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood about three recent criminal sexual abuse cases that involve a man on a bike. CWBChicago first reported on the incidents Thursday night.

In an alert issued Friday evening, police confirm that three separate women were targeted while they walked with children or alone on Thursday morning. The man rode up behind the women on a bike and touched them inappropriately as he passed.

Detectives provided detailed information about each attack:

• At 10:30 a.m., a 41-year-old woman was walking on the 4400 block of North Ravenswood when she was approached from behind. The offender used his hands to inappropriately touched the victim. The woman confronted the man and chased him northbound on Ravenswood.

• At 10:45 a.m., a 31-year-old woman was pushing her child in a stroller when an offender approached her from behind in the 4600 block of North Campbell. Again, the man inappropriately touched the woman who confronted and chased him eastbound in an alley, police said. The offender was on a silver BMX-style bike, according to the alert.

• At 10:57 a.m., an 18-year-old woman was walking with a child in a stroller on the 2300 block of West Sunnyside when the man touched her from behind. The offender “casually continued riding westbound on Sunnyside,” the alert says.

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Police say the offender is a 25- to 40-year-old white or Hispanic man. He was wearing a dark baseball cap with a black & gray striped style sweater and blue jeans.

The alert encourages residents to call 911 to report any suspicious activity and urges anyone with information about the incidents to call detectives at 312-744-8200.
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  1. Ladies BUY SOME MACE. You can buy it online on Lincoln Sq is deteriorating because the criminals know there are NO COPS in the neighborhood. Walk around with your head on a swivel because you are on your own now.

  2. This didn't happen in front of Rahm's house on Hermitage because he has his own Palace Guard, and he doesn't care about anyone but himself. You need to remember this in 2019, because that is the only time we will be able to make him a regular citizen. Let's see how long he lasts then...

    The Winnetka Experiment has made this city a worse place.

  3. Rahm just like Daley will never be a regular citizen. Even if you vote him out, he will always be watched over as long as he lives around here.

  4. This happened to me last year near North Center. I filed a police report. It is an ongoing problem, not a new issue. It's hard to use mace when someone approaches you from behind and is on a bike.

  5. This happened to me last year around this same time frame (early September). Same description I guarantee it is the same guy, on what looks like a kids bike. It was on Leland and Paulina at about 10pm.
    Ladies I am a tiny woman but I screamed yelled and hit him and he rode off. Fight back and be loud, this guy is a coward and a perv. Please report to the police if this happens to you they took my complaint seriously, were super nice to me, and it helps them build a case when they catch him.

  6. I've had my ass slapped by random dudes in Boystown more than once. People file police reports for that sort of thing?!

    1. These types of offenders often escalate to assault this is the training ground for them. That is why it is important to file a report. No one knows the tipping point from grabbing to assault. Also I don't like being physically hit by someone. When this guy violently grabbed me last year I had bruises for days.