Saturday, September 23, 2017

Men Charged With West Ridge Robbery: "I think we have to put him down!"

Guy Cabrol (left) and Hunter Gregory are each charged with aggravated robbery. | CPD; Google

Two men are charged with threatening to shoot a victim during a robbery in the West Ridge neighborhood Sunday night.

18-year-old Hunter Gregory of Skokie and 30-year-old Guy Cabrol of Rogers Park approached the man near Green Briar Park around 11:55 p.m., prosecutors said.

“Give me your shit,” Gregory allegedly ordered, adding, “I think this guy’s looking to get shot” when the victim refused.

Cabrol reportedly agreed, saying “yeah, I think we have to put him down” as Gregory reached into his rear waistband.

The victim dropped to his knees on a sidewalk in the 6000 block of North Talman.

“Drop your shit. Drop everything on the ground,” Cabrol is alleged to have ordered. “This guy is going to get shot.”

Cabrol then took the 21-year-old victim’s headphones and threw them into the park while Gregory sifted through the man’s backpack and took a phone and wallet, police said.

Gregory and Cabrol ran from the scene, but cops found them nearby minutes later.

Both men are charged with one count of aggravated robbery-indicating the presence of a firearm. On Friday afternoon, court records indicated that they will be freed on electronic monitoring.
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  1. Electronic monitoring. Oh yeah. That'll teach these guys that there are real consequences for breaking the law. They've probably already gone back to the same crap they've been up to. It's getting really bad around here with the crime and this is an example of why it's likely going to get worse. What about the rights of law abiding citizens? Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Lock em up and throw away t...,
    I keep forgetting this is Crook County.

  3. I think that the lowlife thugs was talking about the wrong person. We have to put both Gregory and Cabrol "down"!

  4. What a sad, tragic joke being played on the law-abiding citizens in this city. It is exactly why my wife and I obtained our Concealed Carry Licenses. G-d knows the patrol officers of the CPD are doing all that they can, but with a shortage of nearly 3,000 officers, and silly decisions like releasing these stick-up men on EM, the officers' job is only made harder.

    THANKS CWBChicago, for all that you're doing to keep us all informed.

    The following, from SecondCityCopBlog (, reports that there are between 500 and 1,000 suspects on electronic monitoring who are "missing."

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
    Bad Idea Moves Forward
    No stopping this train wreck:
    • Chief Cook County Judge Timothy Evans on Friday announced he is replacing the half-dozen judges who preside over bond hearings at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse–a sweeping change and the latest move to reform the cash bond system that critics say leaves poor and minority defendants locked up on low-level charges.

    The move by Evans comes two months after he issued an order, which takes effect Monday, that bond court judges are required to set bail in amounts defendants can afford to pay.

    “As we continue our efforts to enhance the pretrial process in Cook County, this new division will play an important role in upholding the court’s focus on justice and fairness,” Evans said in a statement emailed to reporters Friday.
    What about the fairness to crime victims?

    Bond is supposed to be an inconvenience - you show up at each and every court date OR you lose the money, securities, property used to secure your appearance. It isn't what you can afford - it's what the Court feels is necessary (via pain of forfeiture) to force compliance.

    Any "reporters" asking how many people are currently on Electronic Monitoring that Dart can't find? Here's a hint - well over 500 and closing on 1,000.

    Any "reporters" asking how many people are currently let to bond for what used to be known as "forcible felonies"? The number is "many thousands."

    And are there any "reporters" asking how many warrants are currently in the Cook County system for persons who decided to sleep in and miss court? We'll give you another hint - begin at 10,000 serviceable warrants and start guessing north of that number.

    But hey, let's just start asking criminals, who are as honest as any Cook County politician, how much they can "afford" and let's see how high those numbers can go.....along with the crime rate.

  5. WOW! That judge was awful tough on them!! Electronic monitoring...........

  6. Tax payers can't afford to pay for more jails now over crowded. We need speedy trials and then farm them out anywhere in the states or territories that will take them. What happened to speedy trials?

    1. Overcrowded jails? Cook County jail has its lowest population in decades. They're actually tearing down housing units.

    2. They need to be out no street to earn money for upcoming attorney fees. That's right we're paying for their attorneys. How stupid of me.

  7. Jeez they didnt even get to have a hot fresh Tommy Dart pizza.

  8. I went to high school with this douche. He's a wife beater and he abandon his kids. He sucks at life and is a scumbag.

    1. I know him and I agree fully. He's nothing but a pos